Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Velma and her boys

Finally, a couple more lambs.
Velma is one of my favorite ewes, she straight, square, has very crimpy, dense fleece and she's always given me exceptional lambs.  She's been a good mom from day one and there's just something about her that screams "Look at me" when she's standing out in the pasture.
I'm pretty happy with these little guys.

Crossing my fingers that there won't be any horns........

My only lamb without spots so far.............................

Just look at the yummy fleece.  He's really quite dark, the flash on the camera washed out the rich color of his fleece.
Last night Velma gave me a set of twin rams, one dark moorit with about 2 white hairs on it's head and one black ram with with some significant white on his head and face.  The fleece on the moorit ram is exceptionally nice.
Everyday is a gift from God.


  1. Congratulations on the healthy moms and babies!

  2. What beautiful lambies! Congrats, Kelly!

  3. If you don't keep that black ram PLEASE let me know. So far, I have no lambs! Although Dawn, Comfrey and Snowflake are clearly pregnant. Sigh.

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  5. I will keep you in mind Erica, but it will quite some time before the lambs are evaluated. One of the toughest things about Shetlands is waiting for them to mature so we can see what is really "there".

    @ Nancy and Lorraine~Thank you ladies.

    1. No problem. I totally understand. It looks like I have a black ram lamb of my own now and since he came from Comfrey and Thor I have high hope for him. I might be interested in another dark ewe or ram so do keep me in mind when you decide who to sell.

      How can you tell they have nice fleece when they are so young?

  6. Terry JohnsonApril 04, 2012

    Congrats! You raise the cutest lambs. Of course, I'm very biased.


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