Friday, March 25, 2011


I can honestly say, I did not expect to start out the lambing season with triplets. It's a first time for OK Acres to have triplets and all 3 babies are doing wonderfully. My Texel/Charallois cross ewe was bred to one of my Shetland rams and she was so big, I seriously thought she had an entire herd in there, and I guess I was somewhat right.
As is the norm, the first babies get all the attention and the lion's share of the pictures taken.

Babies 1 and 2

Are YOU my mommy?

1, 2, 3, yep they're all here.  

Cute little girl.......I love her "mask".

Being born is hard work.  Thank goodness we got these spiffy sweatshirts to wear for our nap. 

I go to the local resale shop and get 2T sweatshirts and cut off the arms, then cut a "boy notch" to keep them from being soaked with urine.  I got this handy tip from someone on line a few years ago and it works great for baby coats.  
Now, I've got to get some purebred Shetland lambs on the ground.  These 3 were Nantucket's offspring.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Micron Results-Spring Edition

Abby 30.2 AFD 7.9 SD 25.7 CV 15.4 CEM 5 yr old ewe
Alanna 30.0 AFD 8.7 SD 29.0 CV 17.9 CEM 2 yr old ewe
Aster 26.2 AFD 5.5 SD 21.0 CV 10.6 CEM 2 yr old ewe
Bailey 24.0 AFD 4.5 SD 19.1 CV 8.1 CEM 1 yr old ewe
Bug 23.2 AFD 4.6 SD 20.5 CV 4.2 CEM 2 yr old ram
Ceylon 29.4 AFD 6.4 SD 21.7 CV 11.5 CEM 3 ys old ewe
Garnet 21.2 AFD 4.5 SD 21.8 CV 8.3 CEM 1 yr old ewe
Maggie 31.7 AFD 10.2SD 32.1 CV 21.8 CEM 5 yr old ewe
Meadow 26.8 AFD 4.5 SD 16.8 CV 7.9 CEM 4 yr old ewe
Nantucket 21.5 AFD 5.2 SD 24.3 CV 10.2 CEM 1 yr old ram
Sarah 21.1 AFD 4.8 SD 22.6 CV 8.8 CEM 6 yr old ewe
Solace 20.2 AFD 4.0 SD 20.0 CV 7.5 CEM 1 yr old ewe
Vaughn 22.7 AFD 5.2 SD 23.1 CV 9.3 CEM 1 yr old ram
Velma 27.1 AFD 4.5 SD 16.6 CV 7.9 CEM 2 yr old ewe

Well, there they are, the good, the not so good and everything in between.
Can't wait to see what I get for lambs out of this group.
Signing off now, as I continue to bite my nails over the impending lambs.

A trip to the mill and Garrett's visit

I had a mixed bag this weekend......first and foremost, I had a visit from Garrett. How can you possibly have your weekend be better than when you can hang out and talk Shetland sheep with someone else? Well, to answer your question..(technically, that was my question) you can have one more Shetland lover join you, Lori made her way over to my house on Sunday and there was a lot of fleece fondling going on, and a good bit of oohhing and aaahhhing. For those of you with less than clean thoughts, shame on you, if you raise Shetland sheep, you know exactly what I mean. For the non-sheepery people, Shetland sheep folks love to get their hands on fleece, anybody's fleece, we aren't a bit shy about making silly noises when we are running our fingers over a really nice fleece.
Garrett brought an entire bag of sample and some wonderful fleeces too. I'm really in love with the fleece from his grey katmoget, Jazz. The fact that I'm a lover of all things grey or blue might have a little to do with it, but the fleece is gorgeous.
Saturday was spent at the Argyle Fiber Mill with Kristi educating Garrett on the finer points of processing fiber. We bagged and tagged a bunch of BFL fleece for batting, and then Garrett had to decide what he wanted to put into roving and what would be yarn. (I hate that part, I can never make up my mind)
Here's a shot of Kristi next to the shelves filled with Garrett's fleece.
A couple of her spinning machines............

Garrett looking all cool and stuff...............

Kristi and Garrett outside the mill

Garrett and I in front of the usual, I look like I'm in pain.

Kristi's creepy naked santa's that adorn every window display in one manner or another.

Still no lambs, but I'm sure now that the weather has gotten cold and rainy, they will start now and I'll be up all night worrying that someone is cold. (go figure) lol

Toodles for now

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Got this great shot of Mike, my husband, with John and Annie begging for scratches last night.

And since I can't post any pictures of new lambs, due to the fact that none have been born yet, I'm posting a couple shots of the VERY preggers girls.

There you go, a whole bunch of sheep that like to torment their owner by NOT having babies for me yet. I will have to say, I'm glad they waited a bit, the weather just got nicer here and it will be so easier on the lambs now that it's not below freezing.
But, I'm having a severe case of lamb envy with everyone else posting baby pictures.

TaTa for now

Thursday, March 10, 2011

What just came off my needles you ask????

Another blogger made this scarf, I loved it when I saw it and just had to knit it for myself. Originally, I was going to knit it out of some of my black Shetland fleece, but when I got into my stash room (yes, it's a whole room) this gray, heathery Shetland from Willow screamed at me to be used in this project.

Once I got started, this thing simply knit itself, and I was pleasantly surprised at how soft the finished project turned out. Now, I'll block it and put it away until next year!!! :D

Mike and I

Mike and I
Mike and I at Nick and Emily's wedding

Raised beds & chickens coops

Raised beds & chickens coops
Can't wait for this stuff to actually be food....