Sheep Sale Policy

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Shetland Sheep & Wool Products

Terms of Sales 
$50 down payment is required to hold a sheep or lamb.   The only exceptions to the "no refunds" policy would be if the animal you've chosen does not meet the requirements for registration.  There is also a "no refund" policy for all sheep purchased.  

See below for my replacement policy. 

If you've made a deposit on a lamb that fails final evaluations, you may choose to have the deposit refunded to you, pick another lamb or adult on the sales list or be on the waiting list for the following year.  
Changing your mind about purchasing a lamb, ewe or ram does not qualify for refund, but I am happy to let you choose another lamb from this year or next year's sale list. 

Please note that all lambs that are listed will be contingent on further evaluation.  If any of them develop faults as they mature, rams will be wethered and listed as pet animals at a reduced price.  All rams and ewes that do not pass evaluation as they mature will be ineligible for registration and offered as pet quality only.  Pet quality sheep must be sold in pairs or be going to a home that currently has sheep.

Horns:  Fully horned rams will be replaced if they develop fatal horns.  Rams with aberrant horns or scurs are sold "as is" and will not be replaced. 
Sterile rams will be replaced in the year the problem is detected.   I will then offer you a replacement from the price range that you purchased your original ram.   The ram would have had to be exposed to several ewes that were not bred in order to qualify for replacement.  

**Sheep can be replaced with a sheep of equal value for serious faults in the first year of ownership, but this is done completely at my discretion.  

Follow-up Help
All sheep sold come with a "call me anytime for help" clause.  (big smile)  Part of being a good steward for Shetland sheep is to pass along information and help new and fellow breeders so good choices and decisions can be made for your flock.  Please feel free to call me with questions and concerns, if I don't know the answer (because I certainly don't have all the answers) then I will steer you in the direction of someone that can help you.  

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