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Traditional 1927CM
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Sadira's 2014 micron data
 19.9 AFD/5.2 SD/25.9 CV/10.3 CEM/96.9 CF/ 20.3 SF
Sadira-Yearling Grey Katmoget (spot carrier) 
 Sadira is Sold!!!
Thank you Franna!!

 Kimberwood Dot x OK Acres Bing
FFSSA Grade 2 fleece 
I had hoped to keep Sadira, but since I am having to make tough choices, she is going to be for sale after all.  I have grey kats that are a notch better than she is in terms of overall fleece quality.  She is crimpy, and fine, but I am not as happy with her CV and SD.

Kimberwood Dot
 Pedgree can be viewed here
Dot's 2014 micron data: 27.8 AFD/6.3 SD/ 22.7 CV/ 10.8 CEM/ 27.4 SF 
FFSSA Grade 2 Fine fleece @ 7yrs old.  Not too shabby
Kimberwood Dot  $175

Dot one of those ewes that is unremarkable to look at, but boy oh boy do her bloodlines paint a different picture!  Dot came to be as a 4 year old that had never been bred, and I saw something in her pedigree that I thought would be fun to explore.  Dot is an F2 Dillon and has Greyling and Holly to round out her UK genetics.  From the 1st fall I exposed Dot to a ram, I made sure she got put in with what I felt was my best ram.  She gave me two lovely moorit lambs the first year when bred to Bug, then last year I bred her to Thor and got two show quality grey kats sporting some head spotting and this year I exposed her to Bing and got my 3rd set of ram/ewe twins out of her, a fawn kat and a black ram, both  quality lambs.  I now have 2 ewes that are a notch better than their mother and it's time to move Dot along to make room for her daughters.  
This has been a hard decision for me, Dot is very sweet and friendly and gives me great lambs.  But I can't keep  all of my ewes and also keep the ewe lambs.  Dot hit my sales list late last year, but to be honest, I'm not sad that I didn't sell her.  This year, however, she has to find her new forever home. 

Sheltering Pines Bengal
Click here for pedigree
FFSSA Grade 1 Super Fine (dam to Bug and Grandmother to Bing) 
Bengal is Sold 
Thanks Garrett!!!
This is not a cull ewe, but a top quality grey katmoget ewe that I have decided to sell after much soul searching.  Bengal is the dam to Sheltering Pines Bug, a foundation sire in my flock, but she has rams with way too much horn for a person breeding polled sheep, so I've made the difficult decision to sell her to a serious Shetland shepherd.  Bengal is 6 years old, always has growthy lambs, is a good milker, great mother and has no health issues.  Good feet, excellent conformation, shows good breed type and has a dense, consistent fleece that is a spinners delight. 
2014 Micron data:  AFD 23.9  SD 4.2  CV 17.5  CEM 7.3  CF 94.5%  SF 22.6
All my 2014 micron data can be viewed by clicking here 

Lil Country Velma
FFSSA Grade 1 Fine Fleece
Pedigree can can seen by clicking here
2014 micron data: AFD 27.3  SD 6.0  CV 22  CEM 10.6  CF 69.8  SF 26.8
6 year old black ewe
Velma is another one of those ewes that is a bit of a "sleeper" because  her fleece is extremely improvable when put with a good quality ram.  Her conformation is excellent and ALL her lambs have been blessed with the same, I have never culled a lamb of Velma's, they have all gone on to be flock breeding stock.  Her son, Elvis, one of my best smooth polled rams to date won Res. Grand Champion ram as a 2 yr old at 2013 WSWF under UK judge Maurice Wakeling. Velma doesn't seem to throw much for spots with her lambs, but so far I've had excellent luck with all her lambs producing spots.  Velma's structure is hard to fault, but I now have 3 of her progeny producing great stuff at my place and it's time to move her to a flock where she can do the same as she's done here. 

 More Proven purebred ewes will be listed as the summer progresses.  Please call with requests and to be put on the waiting list.  I will be offering a few top quality ewes after weaning.
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  1. I wonder what kind of lambs Dot and Levi would have? If I can sell some of my mature ewes I would be interested in her. Just need to make room...

  2. Oh, I'd love to see what Dot and Levi would have!!!


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