Ewes For Sale (Proven)

2016 Sales List
I will be adding current photos as I get them! Or simply email me for information at okacres@hotmail.com

FFSSA Wool Grade: PG2 Ewes

Eriska and Lamba in full fleece
OK Acres Lamba: 2 year old black ewe, had a lovely set of lambs, great mom, growthy lambs and all around great ewe.  I have several ewes from this line so Lamba is being offered for sale.  
Double registered with FFSSA & NASSA
NASSA Reg.#S39792    $275.00

Victoria in full fleece
OK Acres Victoria: 2 year old white ewe, had a stunning horned white ram lamb this year and since I breed polled Shetlands I've decided to offer her for sale.  Great mom, lovely overall type.  
Double registered with FFSSA & NASSA

Victoria's fleece took Champion fleece overall at the 2016 MSSBA Fleece show during the WSWF this fall.  
NASSA Reg. #S39806  $300.00

FFSSA Wool Grade: PG1 Ewes

OK Acres Laxey: 2 year old Shaela ewe, great mother that had really good sized lambs that are growing exceptionally well.  I really like this girls fleece, and I have a lot of her genetics represented in my flock so I've placed her on the sale list.  
Double registered with FFSSA & NASSA
NASSA Reg. #S39801   $ 350.00
Laxey after rooing

OK Acres Skye: 2 year old black krunet ewe, great mom, gave me 2 very nice lambs this year but I'm keeping 2 other ewes from her dam and so am offering her for sale.  
Double registered with FFSSA & NASSA
NASSA Reg. #S39808    $275.00

Skye just before rooing her fleece

***All micron data for my flock can be found by using the search box in the upper left corner of my main page and typing in "micron".

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  1. I wonder what kind of lambs Dot and Levi would have? If I can sell some of my mature ewes I would be interested in her. Just need to make room...

  2. Oh, I'd love to see what Dot and Levi would have!!!


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