2016 Lambs For Sale

2016 rams and ewes for sale:

This year I've got a crop of lambs that probably my best lamb crop ever.   Everything I've offering is good to excellent quality outstanding parents with great bloodlines that have stood the test of time. All my adult sheep 11 mos. or older have their fleece micron tested with nothing put into a breeding group unless it's a FFSSA Approved fleece as well as good structure, good mothers, easy lambers, hardy and thrifty.  You won't find high maintanance animals in my flock, they either can thrive with forage, minerals and pasture or they are put into little white packages.

All rams  used for breeding are FFSSA Premium Grade 1 (fleece)  Please see my home page of my blog for the many awards our flock and fleeces have won over the years.  Quality animals, quality fleece that is raised with love and attention to quality of life and as little chemical input as possible to maintain a healthy flock.

Limited pasture and space forces me to make hard decisions each year and this year is brutally difficult due to the overall quality of the lambs produced.   I have more specific information about each lamb and their strengths, so if you have questions please feel free to contact me at okacres@hotmail.com or 608/558-5099

NOTE: Please read my sale policy if you are interested in purchasing any sheep from me.  It can be found by clicking on the "Sale Policy Tab" on the home page of this blog. 

OPP and Johne's negative flock 
Testing done to ensure the health of my flock and yours! 

Fleece photo taken 8-9-16
Sirius: Moorit smirslet flecket ram
(FFSSA Wool Grade-PG1)OK Acres Shania (2013 Res. Champion Ewe WSWF)
(FFSSA Wool Grade-PG1) OK Acres Danby  (2013Best Spotted/Colored/Modified and Res. Champion Ram WSWF)
An exception ram lamb being offered out of one of my best fleeced ewes and rams in my flock.  I'm reluctantly offering him for sale because I have so many other sheep retained from these lines.  Great structure on this guy and buttery soft fleece that if heavenly to touch.  He has some very unique "ticking" in his spotting pattern too!!! 

Comet: Black ram-Pet or Fiber home
Salcional (FFSSA PG2) 2011 & 2015 Supreme Champion WSWF x OK Acres Danby (FFSSA Wool Grade PG1)
Comet is a nice solid black ram lamb that is slightly hocky, he has a nice typy head and overall appearance as well.  His scurs are kind of flat and wobbly, and he knocks them off about once a week so I am guessing they won't amount to much.  He is fairly friendly, but is very respectful and is not one to freak out when I'm walking around  the pens.  I'd like to see him go to a fleece or pet home as I don't think his fleece will be as nice as I'd like to see on a flock sire.  It's nice, but not great.

Fleece photo taken 8-9-16 (a bit dirty-sorry)
updated photo taken the first week of August.  I really like this guy/  

Callisto: White horned ram 
Victoria (FFSSA PG2) x Quantum (FFSSA PG1)
This ram is nice, nice, nice.  I like everything about this guy---except his horns---not that they are bad horns, but they are horns and that doesn't fly in a polled flock of sheep.  His mom and grandmother are horn carriers, so the horn genetics in this line are doing their thing.  I love this guy's head, ear set, legs, hocks, back, chest.......well, pretty much everything about him.  And his fleece is really lovely so far.  
OK Acres Proteus
Laxey (FFSSA PG1) x Yarrow (FFSSA PG1)
This beefy guy is one so laid back and sweet natured that it's hard to just walk past him.  His fleece is really nice and he has some really attractive pheno on his legs and face. I really like this guy's deepth of body and very straight legs.  He would make a great addition to any flock.
Very small scurs-very correct and straight.

Alabama (FFSSA G2) x Quantum (FFSSA PG1)
This little moorit ram was eye catching at birth and he continues to develope into a great boy that has the nice wooly poll and cheeks that are so very "Shetland-like".   I orginally named this guy something different, but after watching him for a bit it became apparent pretty quickly that Hercules fit him perfectly.  A really masculine ram with good overall balance, a nice head and lovely ear set and he's smooth polled.  Fleece is coming in crimpy and fine and he has a perfect tail!

Halo: White ram  
Sheltering Pines Gavotte (FFSSA Wool Grade: PG1 x Sheltering Pines Quantum (PG1 fleece)
I suspect this is just a black based ram with a giant spot!!  I think of all the white rams born this year that I have for sale, this one has the nicest fleece so far.  He's put together well, is straight and well balanced.  He has a bit more horn that I like and appears a little more refined in the face, but does have a lovely ear set as well as good legs and chest.  Both parents have exceptional fleece.
Halo and his twin brother, Zeke

Apollo: fawn krunet kat 
Irish Mist (FFSSA PG2) x Danby (FFSSA PG1)
Smooth polled and has truly wonderful fleece  
Apollo: $300

Phoebe: Moorit ewe
OK Acres Laxey (PG1) x Shet-Tu Yarrow (PG1)
                                                    Shaela ewe                    White ram
I had origninally thought I'd keep this little girl, but as I'm looking over the sheep I am going to keep this year I realized that I really have several nice moorits.  My goal is to keep 15-18 breeding ewes and possibly retain 4 ewe lambs over winter.  I really like this gals depth of body, so if she doesn't sell, I may just retain her for further evaluations.  Phoebe's twin brother is Proteus, and he has a the same body type as his sister.  

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