Mature Breeding Ewes 

MSSBA 2011 and 2015 Supreme Grand Champion ewe
2011 UK Judges Alan Hill and Kate Sharp
2015 UK Judge Gilbert Meikle (at 9 years old!!)
Sheltering Pines Salcional
This gal is never leaving my place! 
What can I say about this ewe?  She is my favorite in looks, structure and fleece color and is a poll carrier.   She is friendly, hardy and always gives me healthy lambs that are growthy and strong.  In 2011 I got a gray gul/kat (Salina) and a black gulmoget ram from her, 2012 she gave me a twin to herself for a ewe lamb and a lovely fawn kat ram with amazing fleece.
Salicional also won MSSBA 2011 Champion Ewe and Supreme Grand Champion under UK judges Kate Sharp and Alan Hill. as well as 2012 MSSBA 3rd place Senior ewe, 1st place Dam and Daughter with her 2 yr old Black ewe, Temperance under Judge Letty Klein.

OK Acres Shania-2 year old
FFSSA Premium Grade 1 fleece

Shania is one of my favorite personalities of all my sheep, she's sweet, calm, friendly and a perfect little lady at all times.  This year was her first lambs, I paired her with OK Acres Garth to take advantage of his good fleece length and she did NOT disappoint.  I have retained both her ewe lambs, a lovely smirslet flecket grey kat, Eriska and a solid black, Lamba.  Lamba was 2nd place in a very large ewe lamb class at the MSSBA show this year under SSS Judge Philip Cowen.  Both lambs are very breed typical and are maturing as I had hoped.  In 2014 Shania was paired with Khan, that pairing produced Sedona, a single fawn kat smirslet flecket ewe that I retained.  2015 I decided to pair her with Danby since he was going to be going to a new flock after this year and she gave 2 exceptionally nice lambs, Sirius is a moorit flecket ram and Pandora is a fawn kat flecket ewe.

OK Acres Alabama
3 year old
FFSSA Grade 2 fleece
Technically, this ewe belongs to the young man in the photo, but she resides with my flock.  She is the farm greeter and a favorite of kids and adults alike.  My entire Family would disown me if she ever left.  
Not as crimpy as I like, has a bit more tip than I prefer, but she has a trait that I'd like to see on more of my UK lines...wool on the poll and checks.  She is a Bug baby and Bug's influence on this little gal's fleece showed significant improvement over her dam.  This is one of my "test" breedings to see how much improvement I can get in 3 years time.  
Alabama was paired with Bing and produced a nice fawn kat flecket ewe lamb. Alabama produced another flecket sokket fawn kat this year after being paired with Bing, but this year it was ram.  I'm not as pleased with that pairing due to the fleece being a bit open, but I'm hoping she can produce something nice for 2015 as I'm putting her in with Khan.  We'll see how those lines mingle. 

Lil Country Meadow-shown here with 2012 lambs
10 yrs. old
Meadow is now retired after giving me quality breeding stock every single year.  Thank you Meadow!
FFSSA Premium Grade 2 fleece
Meadow is  homozygous for  kat, so I always thought I was going to get fawn kats from her, but she had a little surprise for me in 2013 when she produced a grey kat ram and ewe!!!!  I always get great structure, good breed type, lots of poll carriers and growthy lambs from this gal and  last 2 years were no exception.   She is one of my top ewes and I can count on great lambs from her every year.  2014 Meadow gave me 2 really great lambs out of OK Acres Garth.  An amazingly lovely grey kat ram with tiny horn chips that is in Texas now and Tiree, a fawn kat ewe lamb that took 1st place at MSSBA's show this year in a class of over 25 ewe lambs!!  Meadow's lambs have all been show quality, every year without fail, no matter what ram I use, she delivers the goods.  This year she will be in Kennsington's group in order to see how her lines cross with Salicional's lines.  Crossing my fingers that she hits a home run again. 

Thank you Catherine for several years of great lambs-Enjoy retirement!!
FFSSA Premium Grade 1 fleece
Hands down, one of my favs in my mature ewe flock, this gal is a workhorse when it comes to raising lambs.  She has produced 2 set of triplets, is a spectacular mother, has award winning fleece that she passes along to her progeny and has a  sweet temperament.  Catherine was bred to Ringo in 2012 and this produced a great flecket ewe lamb and a black ram. Catherine was bred to Garth for 2014 lambs and she gave me a duplicate of herself, a very, very nice white ewe lamb and a black krunet (horned) ram lamb.  Catherine's rooed fleece won the Rooed Fleece Championship at WSWF this year under SSS Fleece Judge Mary Gibbings.   Both 2014 lambs are breeding quality and I've retained the white ewe lamb, the ram has been sold as a flock sire.   In 2014 I've put Catherine in Danby's breeding group in the hopes of some more white or spotted lambs.  I had thought this would be a retirement year for Catherine, but she's got amazing body condition and is still going strong. 

OK Acres Seneca 5 years old
FFSSA Grade 1 Fleece
1st place yearling ewe at 2012 MSSBA show, 2013 & 2014 2nd place Senior ewe
V Creek Sarah x Sheltering Pines Bug
Seneca is an F2 Holly yearling, VCreek Sarah x Bug daughter, she is square, straight and is holding up to the test of time.    This little girl wormed her way into my heart as a lamb and has remained firmly wedged there since, so the fact that she's matured into such a fine adult is a huge bonus.  

OK Acres Ellie Mae
FFSSA Premium Grade 1 fleece
 This is my last Sheltering Pines Maura daughter and she is the spitting image of her mother.  Maura is out of Elvis and is my lap sheep as well as one of my most promising yearlings.  I only had 4 ewe lambs make the cuts to this fall and Ellie was never even in danger of making the cut list.  Love the overall package that this gal brings to the table.  Her 2014 micron data is:
AFD: 21.0 SD: 4.1 CV: 19.6 CEM: 7.0 CF: 98.9 SF: 20.2
Ellie will be bred to Kennsington this fall, as I really want to see how the two lines produce.

Ramble N Cherish
FFSSA Grade 2 fleece
I got this sweet little moorit gulmoget this summer and am pleased with her fleece type and style as well as being pretty happy with her structure.  She's fine boned and has lovely cheek and poll wool.  I like her length to height ratio of her body, her tail is very nice and she's sweet.

Mike and I

Mike and I
Mike and I at Nick and Emily's wedding

Raised beds & chickens coops

Raised beds & chickens coops
Can't wait for this stuff to actually be food....