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OK Acres Kadett
PG 1 Moorit ram (dark moorit)
2016 Micron results:  AFD 22.8/ SD 4.3/ CV 18.7/ CEM 7.3/ CF 96.4%/ SF 21.8/ CRV 82.7
Wintertime Garnet (PG1) x OK Acres Einstein (PG1)
                                  Moorit ewe                                               Fawn Ram
Kadett was one of those ram lambs that you keep over winter becasue you see SOMETHING.  I have always like how well Kadett is put together as well as his overall type, but then I put him on the shearing stand to shear him last month and was blown away at the deepth of color, softness, handle and crimp in his fleece.  I was wow'ed.  I did lease him out to another OPP/Johnes free flock last fall and they got significant improvement on all the lambs he sired.
I have toyed with the idea of keeping him but I have a couple other brown based rams that am keeping right now and have made the decision to sell Kadett.  He does have very small nubs for horns, but they aren't even 1/2" long and I sincerly doubt they will ever grow much if at all.  He's got a great head, very Shetland typical ears and profile.  His mother has held her PG1 fleece grading status for 5 years now!!!  Here's your chance to get a ram that's genetics have stood the test of time for quality sheep and fleece.
Kadett has been inspected and approved by my Lesley Beazer, SSS approved judge and inspector!  Her comment was...."I'd use him for certain"  So there you have it!!

Kadett in full fleece in late winter.  He has since knocked off his tiny buds twice!  Fleece is very dense and lock structure is very good.  Not aggressive and respectful of humans.  He is housed with 9 other adult rams and gets along well with everyone.

Fleece sample provided on request

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Raised beds & chickens coops
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