Tuesday, April 03, 2012

New stuff for 2012 MSSBA Show at WSWF

It's official....we have a few new things that I had to get the approval for from the Wi Sheep and Wool Festival organizers, but I've been given the affirmative nod now and can pass along some of the ideas being planned.


***Youth Showmanship is being split into three age groups, watch the WSWF website for details, there will be a detailed list of the classes once the catalog copy is finalized.

***This year there will be a Costume Class, so start planning how you are going to dress up you and your Shetland sheep!

I'm very happy to announce that we have been given permission to have a Photo Contest specifically for Shetland sheep at this year's event.  I know that there's been a lot of Shetland owners that would love to compete at the Jefferson fiber event, but distance (and sky rocketing fuel costs) have prevented a lot of you from attending this event.  We thought that having a photo contest that is open to everyone would be a great way to let some of you be involved and show off your sheep at the same time.
There are 2 requirements:  1) There must be a Shetland sheep in the photo  2) You have to provide MSSBA with a 5" x 7" hard copy and a digital copy of your entry.  Both copies become the property of MSSBA, and all entries will be used (with your permission) in a calendar that we will be making with all the entries from the contest.  All photographer will be given full credit when the calendars are made, and the winners will get additional mention and recognition.
The icing on the cake is the prize money....
1st place  (drum roll please)  $100!!!!!  And the cover photo on the calendar.  
2nd place is $50
3rd place $25
4th place $15
5th place $10
6th place $5
Youth 1st place  $40
The entry fee is only $5.00, so it's  a very affordable way to compete at a Shetland Sheep show.

There will be a detailed list of categories as we get closer, such as: Shetlands and landscapes, Shetlands and people/person, Shetlands and kids, Shetlands and any other animal/animals.

Sooooooooo, get out those cameras, I know you have them because I've seen the spectacular pictures each and every one of you have posted on your blogs or Facebook.

Returning events are: Handy Shepherd (may be moved to Friday afternoon), Shetland sheep show, Silent Auction, Skein competition, Make it with Shetland competition, Fleece show and our Pizza party.


  1. Will plan to enter the photography show; thanks so much for all your hard work!

    1. I can't wait to see what you send Michelle. And, you are welcome, it's my pleasure to help out when I can.

    2. The photo contest sounds awesome!!! How exciting. Great idea.


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