Tuesday, March 27, 2012

3 days~3 ewes~6 lambs

Friday night, March 23rd, our first lambs of 2012 made their entrance about 9 pm.  Meadow had a lovely pair of spotted fawn kat ewe lambs.  No surprise there, she's homozygous (sp)  for fawn kat.  The spots were a nice touch and so is the great fleece on these little girls.
Meadow x Thor ewe

Meadow x Thor ewe, this one is a touch lighter than her sister

I actually got a shot of her face, there was no cooperation from these girls for the picture taking session.

Ewe lamb out of my crossbred ewe, Faith.  First time mom, and Garnet decided to steal the ram from her twins and by the time we found them and figure out what was going on, she wouldn't take the ram back and now I have a bottle lamb.  (yuck)

Ram lamb that was stolen from Faith, my crossbred ewe.

A face shot of the already spoiled rotten little ram.  Faith was bred to Camden, she is a  Shetland X Texel -Charollais ewe and a first time mom.  

Temperance X Grand Luxe ram lamb 

Temperance X Grand Luxe ewe lamb

Temperance ewe lamb posing nicely for me.

No such luck with her brother, he won't look at the camera at all.

No babies yesterday or yet today, so I continue to stumble to the shed every 4 hours to feed our little bottle baby and check on ewes.  I'm hoping the other gals get their butts in gear so I'm not up every 4 hrs. for the next 3 weeks.  Maybe I'll have a talk with them later, I'll let you know how that goes.  :)  

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  1. Is the ram lamb still in with the ewe that stole him? I had a ewe steal a lamb three weeks before she was due and withing three days her milk came in (she always let the lamb try to nurse) and I didn't have to bottle feed anymore.

    Good luck!

  2. Lots of lovely lambs there! Sorry about the bottle baby....


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