Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fleece questions

I know that most of you that see this already follow Corinne's Blog.  You probably remember that she had a wonderful ram, Crosswinds Thor, and that he was coming to my farm to have a little romance.  Thor has now officially been with me for 3 (ish) weeks and he's a great little ram with wonderful fleece.   Corinne had posted  on her blog that she was having issues with how to categorize the fleece from several of her lambs this year, and with that in mind, I am posting fleece sample pictures for all of you to inspect and give me some feedback.
Here is Thor's fleece, taken last night...please excuse the lack of professional equipment to give you a truly focused shot of the fleece, I need Corinne's camera very badly.  The black on the left is very crimpy even though it is a bit difficult to see it in this shot.  the white fleece on the right is from one of Thor's spots, the tip is white, the center is gray and the stuff next to the skin is white again..........what gives?  Has any one seen this before?  As you can see, this guy has crimp up the wazoo, and I love the luster, but what is the deal with the on again, off again color chang-a-roo?

click on any picture to biggify

Thor's fleece, the stuff on the right is from one of his spots.

As soon as I can get a decent shot of Thor, I'll get it on here and formally introduce him to you. Nice, respectful little ram and just the kind of great quality I've come to expect from Corinne.

This is a fleece sample from Sparta a mioget ram that will be going to live with  Kim Nikoli @ Kimberwood Shetlands

And this is Sparta.  He's broken those scurs off  2 times already.

Solace  x Bug
F3 Holly

Sure wish I could keep this guy........sigh.

Please let me know what you think is going on with Thor's fleece, I know Corinne threw it out there once, but I thought actually having the fleece off the sheep might be of some help in determining what's up with the guy.

Toodles for now


  1. I raise weirdo sheep, that's what the deal is LOL.

    I Love Sparta's fleece! You've got some pretty nice lambies yourself!

  2. Why don't you and Corinne ask about this on the sheep color genetics list? There are lots of experts there. Theresa

  3. Is it possible there are a few cells of colored fleece area strangely interspersed within the white cells area? lol... my terminology is non-scientific...but do you know what I mean? causing some dark strands to grow within the white spot so as to speak? I agree... photos like these posted to the sheep-color-genetics list would be a great thing to do. I'd really enjoy hearing what the experts have to say!

  4. I took your advice Stephen & Theresa!! And thanks Corinne......I've been lucky that I have so many folks around me that have working hard for a lot of years and I can access such nice sheep.


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