Monday, August 15, 2011

Madison goes to his new home...........

I got 2 really nice fawn katmoget rams from Lil County Meadow X Sheltering Pines Bug this spring.  A lovely couple from the Madison area, (interesting eh?) came yesterday and purchased this guy for their 6 ewes and I was pretty pleased that such a nice ram didn't have to go to the "other place".  They had picked out Sawyer, a black gulmoget, but their ewes were too closely related to him for them to take the chance.  I wasn't too upset that they had to pass on Sawyer, I think he's going to Jefferson this year for WSWF.

I also sold 3 of my mature ewes this week...Alanna, Maggie and Aster will be calling Iowa their new home this fall!!!  I really love Aster, but since I got 2 keeper ewes from her this year, I feel I can let her move to a new home.  I have to make room for the ones I'm keeping and the new girls that will be coming to WI to help bring new bloodlines to my flock.

I anyone needs me, I will be sitting in the pasture tonight trying to make the final decision on who is going to WSWF.  I've promised myself that I won't come back into the house until I've made up my mind.  Deadline for entries is this weekend, and I can't put it off any longer.  I have a ewe for ram/ewe inspections, but what ram???  I have some lambs for the show on Saturday, but how many do I really want to juggle? often will I get a chance to have my sheep evaluated by such experienced judges?   These are the thought bouncing around in my head.

Even though a lot of this makes me a bit nervous, my first priority to is going to be to have fun with whatever happens.   Last year was so much fun, and there is so much to see and do there, I have no doubt it will be another year that will have me telling  stories over and over. ie: Remember when Garrett's sheep laid down in the ring?  Remember when we had all that food on Saturday night and we got to watch that spectacular sunset?  Remember the goofy pictures we took of the "campfire"?  Remember when I totally missed the turn off for the fairgrounds?  Oh, that's right, I was the only one that knew about that one.

Come join us, we would love to have you....there's a potluck on Saturday night that all Shetland lovers can attend.  Eat, drink, laugh and enjoy!  Now doesn't that sound fun?

Toodles for now.


  1. What a pretty boy! I need to start staying away from For Sale pages! Miami is gorgeous! :)

  2. Thanks Rayna. I know what you mean about staying away from sale pages........they are very dangerous.

  3. Handsome rammy!
    I can't wait for Jefferson!!!!! Marie is squirreling away snacks as we speak!

  4. Thanks Jen and Rich, he was one of my all time favorites this year, but related to almost everyone.
    @Corinne-I love Marie, she's one of the sunset worshipers from last year. :)


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Raised beds & chickens coops
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