Tuesday, August 02, 2011

New floor

We live in a berm home, which means most of our house in built below ground and is incredibly energy efficient. One of the only things I've ever disliked (bordered on hate) about our home was the carpeting in the livingroom and dining area.  We had planned on replacing it in 2000 when we purchased the house, then again every year after that. One year, the well taking it's last gasping breath on Christmas Eve, in a blizzard, ate up the flooring money.  Another year we got enough money to replace the roof and a bit extra was set aside for the flooring, but the project went over budget (gasp) and no floor again that year.  You get the idea here......
Well, this year, I told my husband that if we didn't replace the carpeting, I was going to tear it out and walk on concrete, which would be a couple notches up in appearance from the current floor covering!!!  We set aside a portion of our tax refund and quickly made a trip to Menards to purchase the flooring before something catastrophic happened that would eat up our flooring project fund once again.  It only too us 10 years, but allow me to introduce you to my new floor!  
Tess and  camera shy Nikki under the table

Floor enhancements (ie: spinning wheels)  

My hubby's legs and the new kitchen/dining room flooring

Tess loves the new floor  & the moorit pelt in front of the tv.  The silly girl barely fits on it.  

Oops, misc. veggie picture.
The garden is kicking my rear the last week or so and I am praying the oppressive heat subsides so I can be outside in relative comfort once again.  We have some evil little chipmunks that find it necessary to nibble on all the low hanging tomatoes.  I wouldn't even mind if they ate one whole tomato, but is it really necessary to take one bit out of ALL of them?  I mean, come on you little striped monsters, give me a cotton pickin' break already.   War will be declared soon, so anyone that can help battle plans, let me know, I'm desperate!  

Countdown to WSWF, 39 days!!!  Trying to figure out who to take........gotta try to finish projects that are going........but, I did get my camping paid for today, lined up a dog sitter, and I'm pretty sure I have a critter sitter, so I'm getting closer to getting stuff done.  


  1. It's gorgeous Kelly! This is exactly what I've wanted in our old house. Our carpets are so ugly and old. Congrats! It looks wonderful!

  2. Beautiful floor. Sometime you'll have to post of picture of your Berm home. My husband and I have the last few years been interested in doing an underground home. Once build they can be very energy cost effective right?

  3. Good for you, and I love your floor enhancements!

  4. Thanks Stephen, I simply love it, very easy to keep clean.
    @Voni-yes, our house is south facing with large windows that help heat it in the winter, we only have electric heat and barely turn up the heat past a 1/4 turn. Our fireplace helps heat the house, so we can cheat a bit by keeping the electric heat down. House is 1645 sq ft. and the only thing we use to cool it is one window AC unit and a fan to blow it down the hallway. No sod on the roof though, it has a conventional shingled roof.
    @ Michelle, lol, thanks.

  5. Gorgeous floor, Kelly!

    Is that an Ashford Traditional I spy there?

    Love the photos!

    Take Care...


  6. Thanks Lorraine and yes, that IS an Ashford Traditional.... :) I bought it used from a fellow blogger.

  7. Gorgeous floor! We are waiting to do the same. I hate the carpet and I've threatened to pull it up, too! What is the wood?

  8. It's actually laminate, we have a poured cement slab due our home being berm construction, therefore, we didn't have a lot of choices. We got a good quality laminate that is pet friendly from Shaw and we love it. NO scratches at all so far and we've got a 100 lb shepherd that scoots across it on a regular basis.


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