Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Twins and Triplets

Monday night Aster had a lovely set of moorit ewe lambs, both with white on their heads.  (Blettet and minor krunet....... I'm watching these girls closely.  Aster will be paired with Bug next year.

Aster X Nantucket (ewe)

Love the rich moorit on this girl.

The camera flash washed her out a bit, but Aster was making it tough to get shots.

Close up of her spot

Fleece close up
Maggie had triplets and there's not a small one in the bunch.  Poor gal is such a wonderful mom, and she had them all cleaned up and nursing when I staggered out at 6:30 am to do chores.  Our gander, Ozzie, was doing a fine job of "grooming" the ewe lamb when we got outside.  (it was so amusing)  Two fine rams with minor krunet markings and 1 blettet ewe.  All moorit.
Maggie x Nantucket

Maggie x Nantucket: ram on left/ewe on right

2 seconds of cuteness.........

Maggie x Nantucket ram

The faucet is a bit crowded

One, big, happy family. (ewe on left, rams are center and right)
Click "read more" for additional pictures................................
And...............since I got a few shots of earlier lambs that are a bit better, I decided I had to post them.  Are you sick of lamb pictures yet?  


Seneca & Sarah

Ride em' cowgirl!!!!! 

Look ma, no hands........

Sierra & Sparta.....sorry for the flash washout.

Ye HAW!!!  Sparta is the moorit ram and Sierra is the black ewe

Hold still, I'm trying to do something spectacular here mom.

Vienna, moorit ewe lamb out of Velma and Nantucket

Ok, ok, I'm done boring you (for today).  Three more ewes to go.  


  1. So many yummy looking fleeces! That Cadillac is appropriately named; SO flashy.

  2. Are you planning on selling any of your ewes this year? I love the markings on the little ewe lamb out of Abby. Fleeces are great looking also.

  3. @ Voni: Once they are evaluated, some of them will be for sale. Are you looking for registered stock?

  4. I so love moorit ewe lambs and those are some real beauties! The fleece looks gorgeous...

  5. I never get sick of lamb (and sheep) photos. You have beautiful animals.

  6. never be worried about not showing photosof your animals x


    Tell me about Cadillac. Is he from your polled or horned line???

  8. What a gorgeous group of moorits. Kelly. Really cute!


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