Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Simple joy!!!

Every once in a while, something comes to me or happens that makes me say, "That's one of the reasons I love raising Shetland sheep".
I got a couple e-mails from one of the families that I sold bred ewes to this last fall, and the pictures of young Hannah holding the lambs from the sheep I sold to her makes me smile EVERY SINGLE TIME.
 So, I decided to share them with you.......because that little girl's smile is so infectious and it's just what I needed after some of the emotional turbulence of the past month.  My heart is warmed to know that this family is the perfect home for sheep I couldn't keep.  Hannah is a young girl that already had a couple Shetlands and loved them enough to have her mom go looking for more, she shows in 4-H and her and her mother spend a lot of time doing research on the breed to make sure what they are doing is correct.  These are the kinds of people that are a joy to help!!!
I will have to say, that I was very impressed with this young lady when they came to look at the sheep, and when we delivered the ewes to them, I drove away with that warm glow you get from doing the right thing for your sheep.
Now, tell me that looking at this picture of a girl grinning ear to ear doesn't make you smile too.
Hayden x Nantucket twins with a grinning Hannah.

Hannah with Hayden x Nantucket twins
That's my "feel good" moment for today..........
More pictures tomorrow,...........my camera died this morning.  Aster had twin moorit ewe lambs about 9:30 pm and Maggie has moorit triplets about 6 am!!!!  One moorit krunet ewe and 2 moorit rams with minor white on their heads.
I'm up to 11 rams and 8 ewes and moorit seems to be THE theme this year....(grin)  Two ewes to go yet.
Worth all the waiting...............every year.  


  1. Congrats on all your beautiful babies! Love your photo's. Happy lambing season!

  2. Congradulations on all your beautiful babies... we had our first set of triplets last year but none this year. Have a great lambing season.


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Raised beds & chickens coops
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