Monday, April 11, 2011

More baby pictues

My name theme this year is places.......cities, states, towns etc.   The lambs all get named after a place, but I use the first letter of their dams as the first letter of of the lambs name.

I never get tired of taking pictures of lambs or looking at pictures of lambs, so here's a few more.  :D

Sheltering Pines Ceylon x Sheltering Pines Bug (more shots of  the rams)
This guy is OK Acres Cadillac 

Butt end of the boys has 3 socks and one of them has 4 socks.
The little fella in the back is OK Acres Chandler

Look at that fleece.........yummy and silky smooth.

OK Acres Alanna x Crosswinds Nantucket: twin rams, 1 with pink pigment and one with dark pigment skin. No names yet.  

Lil Ctry Acres x Shltg Pines Bug: twin fawn kat rams (love these guys) So that's why you are seeing them again.
No names for these guys yet

Lil Ctry Velma x Crosswinds Nantucket: Moorit ewe (not a white hair on her)
I've named her OK Acres Vienna

V Creek Sarah x Shltg. Pines Bug: A stunning black krunet sokket ewe
This one is not going anywhere!!!  I've named her OK Acres Seneca

Seneca again.......... born this morning.

Wintertime Solace x Shltg Pines Bug: black ewe lamb, small white spot on her head.  I'm naming her OK Acres Sierra.
A moorit ram, whispy white hairs on his head. I'm naming him OK Acres Sparta.
Please note the indentations on his head......polled!


  1. All this window-shopping is hard on me! I see so many lambs I WANT!

  2. beautiful lambs! Congrats Kelly. Very nice!

  3. Congrats on the new lambs, Kelly. I agree, Seneca is a keeper! So cute.


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Raised beds & chickens coops
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