Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bug Babies

Sheltering Pines Ceylon had twin moorit smirslet sokket rams this morning. 

One of Ceylon's boys.  Both are out of Sheltering Pines Bug.

Meadow had twin fawn kats this monring (out of Bug)

Solace had a black krunet ewe and a moorit krunet ram this morning.  (out of Bug)   
All the lambs have very nice fleece, so I'm pretty happy with all of them.  They are all still pretty wet, so I will do further evaluation of horns buds and such tonight. 
I'm pretty impressed with the Kats out of Meadow, they were born about 12:30 am, so are dried off and filled out a little more.  Solace's lambs are pretty small, going to watch them pretty closely today, but she's a good mom, just like her dam, Sarah.  Actually, Sarah was a challenge when we tried to put Sarah in a hutch, she was pretty sure those were her babies and didn't take kindly to the separation.  Everyone is drinking and doing fine.  I guess I'm having a ram year............sigh.


  1. Are Meadow's kats both rams, too?

  2. Kelly,
    I don't know much about Shetlands, but I know cute babies when I see them! They are very CUTE!!!!!

  3. Congrats Kelly! The lambs all look like they are going to have nice fleece and single coated! Great job!

  4. Yes, Michelle, both of Meadow's are rams.
    Thanks Stephen, I'm pretty happy with the lambs so far.


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Raised beds & chickens coops
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