Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I got my Gulmoget......plus

We got home from work on Friday night, it was raining, cold and the wind was ridiculous.  So, of coarse Salicional decided to have her water break as soon as we got down to the shed to do chores.   I'm grateful she waited for us, that way we could get them into shelter right away.
Salicional has the most beautiful bluish gray fleece of any Katmoget that I've seen, AND she was bred to Wintertime Black Forrest.
Forrest's lambs seem to have a history of looking like they aren't nice, but then in about 4 months, they become fantastic, so the dog coat that the ewe lamb was born with is not concerning me overly much. (yet)
Salicional's spring micron results just came back for her: SD 24.4/SD 4.5/CV18.4/CEM7.8/SF23.3
I simply love the rich, dark gray that this ewe lamb has when you part her fleece and I'm hoping it stays this color.

Salicional x Black Forrest: Salina  Kat/Gulmoget ewe lamb (gray)


Salicional x Black Forrest: Sawyer, Gulmoget ram

Fleece on Sawyer (birth shots)

Now some fleece shots that a few people have requested of lambs born last weekend.  Cl;ick to biggify



Closeup of Cadillac's fleece

Solace x Bug: Sierra (ewe) fleece shot

Solace x Bug: Sparta, Polled ram 
Sparta's fleece closeup
Aurora and Alexandria 

Madison and Monroe (Meadow's fawn kat rams) 
We lost a beautiful moorit yuglet sokket ram out of Garnet x Nantucket in the cold, rainy weather on Sat morning.  She never did develop an udder, so I didn't put her in on Friday night. They do have a walk in shed and it's a mystery to me why she didn't use it. 
I have one ewe left to lamb and I'm done for 2011.  I'm hoping for a ewe, (aren't we all) current count is 10 ewes and 11 rams.  


  1. Great photos Kelly! Wow... you have a wonderful crop of lambs. And yes, that katmoget out of Salicional will change... I'd put money on it. Can't wait to see how they all turn out.

  2. How kind of you Stephen, thank you. The birth photos of Salicional's babies are not good ones at all. Salina (that's what I named the ewe lamb) looks hunched up, so not very flattering.

  3. Awesome lambs, Kelly!
    Congratulations on an excellent lambing season.

  4. Thanks Nancy, how kind of you to say that.
    Answer to your question about Cadillac: Polled and horned sheep. Predominately polled.
    I know you like horned Shetlands. I have a couple people interested in both of Ceylon's boys. I may be keeping Cadillac. I know their fleece is yummy. lol

  5. Great photos of some VERY nice lambs Kelly! Congratulations on a successful season and good luck with your last ewe.

  6. Awesome gulkat! And absolutely gorgeous lambs :)


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