Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Let the felting begin

Sunday afternoon was one of those days were I just got a lot of little things done and one of those things involved getting the wringer washer dug out of the shed.  Well, technically, I wasn't the one that did the carrying of the wringer, my husband hauled it up in the lawn cart, but I watched!!!  :D
After a good soap and water scrubbing, Mike and Bill hauled it to it's new home in my laundry room.  After the last felting "incident", there will be no more felting done in the new high efficiency machine.  Did you know that all that wool really can jam a washing machine pump? What could possibly go wrong?   Well, let me tell you, it was bad, and $90 later, I determined that maybe it wasn't such a stellar idea to try that in the new washer.  My husband, bless his little pea picking heart, just looked at me and sighed, then said, "Maybe you shouldn't do that again Honey".  *grin*
What made all of this so bad was the fact that the wringer washer was in the shed all along!  Just never seemed to get it drug out from behind the machinery, cleaned and put in the house.
I'm going to call my newest laundry room addition, Myrtle.
Say hello to Myrtle
I am now the proud owner of a $90 project bag. 
Maybe Myrtle can save me a few bucks on the next one.  
TaTa for now all 


  1. Does anyone have video of this machine in action? I would love see the clothes go into the would be cool to see lady with washer-extractor and twist to see the clothes. Julie B.

  2. I love wringer washers, they save so much water. It's been a long time since I've had one though. Sorry about your new washer getting the pump all plugged up with wool.

  3. To Julie B,
    I found a video on-line..just google "wringer washer video" and you can watch it.

  4. Thank you for your response, continue your wonderful work you are. Julie B.


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