Friday, October 15, 2010

Amarillo Sky.........

So, I get to work on Monday morning and our 401K rep is here from Country Financial and she offers my boss 2 tickets to a Jason Aldean concert on Thursday night.  My boss is not a country western fan and asked me "Would you like.............(Yes, I screamed) go?"  Then she proceeds to tell me what this "package" included....backstage passes, VIP room with food and drinks, private concert with Jason, question and answer session with Jason and a picture!!!!!!!!!!!!  Freaked me out and I could barely contain my excitement.
The bonus to this concert experience was having Luke Bryan singing before Jason.   Great songs, great singers and 2 great performers.
During the question and asnwer period of our backstage experience Jason was asked what he'd be doing if he wasn't singing and he said, "I would probably be a Wal Mart greeter".  I hope he was kidding and I'm pretty sure he was.  Someone asked what he was driving, "Well, right now I'm driving a Jeep Wranger".  Go figure.
Who are the other 2 people in this photo, you ask?  Our new friends, Jenny and her daughter, Kate, that we met in the VIP area last night.  They won their tickets through 96.3 the local country station.  Kate was a real joy to watch, I've never seen anyone smile so much, for so long.  What a perfectly wonderful little girl she is, and it's easy to see why since her mom is sweet.  Kate got to hug Jason, give him a drawing she made and then he handed her his guitar pick!   You could hear her grinning by that point.  Then, one of the sound guys stepped forward after Jason walked off the little stage and gave Kate a bonus guitar pick.  The whole scene really brought tears to our eyes, what a great night.
All of this has absolutely nothing to do with sheep, but it was such a wonderful experience, I had to jot down the memories.
This is the small stage set up in the VIP room.........I was about 5' from him while he was performing.

Mike and I in the VIP room

Jason Aldean
This goes down in my personal history book as the best concert experience of my life.  Jason could not have been more down to earth and nice.     Pssst, little secret here......he's not very tall either.    
I have some slight sleep deprivation, my throat is a bit scratchy from yelling and my feet are sore from standing and dancing for 3 hrs., but I think I'll live!  
TaTa for now!!

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Mike and I

Mike and I
Mike and I at Nick and Emily's wedding

Raised beds & chickens coops

Raised beds & chickens coops
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