Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Fall panic

I love mums!!!  

I love fall, it's smell, it's colors, the cooler temps and the prospect of pairing my sheep for another season.  Summer is nice, but fall.........it's my favorite season.  All the things that have been lovingly tended through the summer is being harvested, equipment and summer toys are being stored for another year.  This has been the busiest summer I can ever remember, even with all the running and plans, I had a wonderful year.  The lack of camping and trail riding has frustrated me endlessly, but I can't do it all.
But......now it's time to wrap up all those projects and I've ran out of time and good weather to complete everything on my list.  PANIC!  How is all this going to happen?  What have I been doing all summer?  Why didn't I just stay home and get this stuff done?  The answer to all of these is.......I've had WAY too much fun this summer.  Is the world going to come to an end because all the stuff on my mental "to do" list didn't get done?  Probably not.  So, I'm taking a deep breath and deciding not to beat myself up over any of it, and we'll see if that works for me.  *grin*

Mike, Tess and I enjoying 10 seconds of rest on one of my auction finds from a couple years ago.

Last night we got the last of our carrots cleaned, packaged and in the freezer, the last of the tomatoes are in buckets in the back room, and I hope to get one more batch of salsa from them before they rot.  The potatoes have been dug up and the onions have been pulled and I completely gave up on trying to keep up with the green beans.  Garlic should go in the ground this weekend and that will be it for the garden stuff for one more year.  
One thing has become very clear to us over the coarse of the summer.....we have to replace some of our perimeter fencing soon, which means that fence lines need to be cleared.  Since we have a fireplace, the clearing of the fence lines will serve two purposes, but I just hate clearing brush, so I'm putting it off.  
Got all my fleeces from the spring skirted on Sunday!!!  WOOOHOOO!  Off to the mill they go tomorrow night.  I already have 2009 fleeces at the mill waiting on processing, but I am in no need of any more fiber right now and encourage them to do others ahead of me.  
Micron samples are going out in the mail today, did I mention they were the ones from spring?  (guilty shrug)  I promise I will do better in 2011.
Another busy week ahead, farrier tonight, knitting Wed. night, UW Extension meeting Thurs. night and my parents 50th anniversary Friday and Saturday.  The hubby and I are hoping to take a fall colors ride on the Harley on Sunday, so cross your fingers that the weather holds out.  
TaTa for now all.


  1. I hear you on not enough camping and riding (of any kind) this summer. I just signed up for a dressage clinic on Oct. 17, so that will provide the motivation to work Russell as often as possible between now and then. (It's free, so I won't feel bad if all we can manage is a lot of slow work, since neither of us is in riding shape.)

  2. Good luck to you at the clinic...Dressage is, hands down, my favorite of all equestrian events! The skill required to so effortlessly move as one, is nothing short of spectacular. Perfect communication and harmony between horse and rider gives me goose bumps when I watch it.

  3. Not to mention that dressage is perfect for us Type A, OC-types! hee


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Mike and I
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Raised beds & chickens coops
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