Monday, June 10, 2013

Raw fleeces

Friday night I finished rooing or hand shearing the last of the purebred Shetlands.  Although I find plenty of things that I would like to improve on my sheep, I find that I'm pretty pleased with the wool that I got and the lambs that hit the ground this year.   I started the long process of photographing and cataloging all my raw fleeces on Saturday.  Since I skirted everything as I removed it from the sheep, the skirting process is complete, the neck wool is in one bag, the britch in another and the main fleece is in a larger bag.  Some day I will have enough of each color in neck wool to send it to the mill for combed top..........but until then, it's just sitting in bags all over our place. 

Here is a few of the samples that I photographed on Saturday.  I have sort of a mixed bag of sheep represented here, some yearlings, some 2, 3, 5, 8 years old. 

OK Acres Elvis (polled ram) 1 year old

Elvis fleece closeup
OK Acres Celine-1 yr old moorit/white flecket ewe

Celine fleece closeup
Sheltering Pines Anais Anais-3 yr old grey kat ewe

Anais fleece closeup
Sheltering Pines Catherine-8 yr old ewe
OK Acres Sierra-2011 fleece (1 yr.)  Black ewe
Sierra's fleece closeup
Sheltering Pines Salicional-7 yr. grey kat ewe
Wintertime Garnet-3 yr old moorit ewe
OK Acres Garth-1 yr old shaela ram

Garth fleece closeup

Sheltering Pines Ceylon-5 yr old moorit/white flecket ewe
Ceylon's fleece closeup

Temperance-3 yr old black ewe

Temperance's fleece closeup


  1. It's all lovely, Kelly! When are you going to take a road trip this way? I know probably three of us who would buy sheep!

  2. Pretty, pretty. And I love your documentation!


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