Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why do I raise sheep you ask?

Tuesday night we weaned lambs.........well, most of them. There was an oops lamb this year due to a ram  Bug walkabout well after breeding groups were split up.  The result was little Santana, a little heart stealer that is not just cute and unique, but she's a quality lamb that has yummy fleece.  Considering her parents fleece quality, I am not a bit surprised, but as every breeder knows, 2 good parents do not always produce good offspring.  It's a roll of the dice, much like planting crops and waiting for rain to start or rain to stop, we take our chances and pray for the best.  

My friend, Terri, loves this little lamb and it appears to be reciprocated.  :)

And speaking of rain, has anybody seen any lately? I've washed the car, hung out laundry, washed the car again, left windows open,  attended outdoor ceremonies and graduation parties, taken the motor cyle for a few rides, watered my plants and garden, chanted, and did a rain dance.....I'm exhausted and still DRY!!!  We had a cloud pass over about 1:30 pm to day and I saw rain on the glass of the door, so I hurried out with my camera, but not being 20 any longer, it wasn't quite quick enough and the rain stopped, dried up and moved on by the time I got there. (which was a whopping 20 seconds)  It rained so little that the rain drops on the cement didn't even touch.  *big sigh* 

Good news is that my good friend, Garrett Ramsay, of Ramsay Farms and the famous Ebonwald Cardigan's (Multi championships this year)    will be swinging by my place Monday or Tuesday of next week to deliver a white ewe I am purchasing from Tori Gygi , picking up a few sheep that I'm selling and one of those he will be taking  to Kim Nikolai in MN.  Garrett is also taking another pair of ewe lambs to Colorado for a new Shetland breeder.  

And...........the dvd is complete.  Copies are next and then I can mail them out to everyone that has sent in pre-orders.  

Keep cool everyone.  

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  1. Hi, Kelly!!!!!!

    No rain here ,either....Indiana is in severe drought where we are....extreme drought in northeast and southwest Indiana. I worry about the flock and hay prices.....maybe Minnesota can deliver some hay down here.
    I have lived in Indiana all my life and I have never seen conditions like this. The corn crop is three to four feet high, tassled out with very few ears present.
    We need rain desperately!!!
    At least the temp has dropped....

    Take care!


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Raised beds & chickens coops
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