Thursday, June 21, 2012

 I had Tami Mulder do some hand processing of some rooed fleeces that I felt were "very fine" and needed some gentle processing.  Tami took them home, washed them, picked them, (a lot) and ran them through her drum carder.  I got half and she retained half for her hard work of processing them.  I could not be more pleased with the results of her hard work!!  This stuff practically spins itself and I find that I make excuses to sit down for a bit and do some spinning since it's simply an effortless fiber to spin.
Grade 1 Roving from OK Acres Monroe (hand processed and drum carded by Tami Mulder)
                        2012 Micron results: 22.9 AFD/4.2 SD/18.5 CV/7.9 CEM/95.6 CF/21.8 SF 
A joy to spin and lovely variation throughout thanks to Tami's careful placement of the darker portion of this katmoget fleece. 

Closeup of yarn from Monroe's roving
     I can't wait to get this done for our FFSSA shawl project!!!

I have lovely friends.........and they are extremely talented too.  One of the upsides to having talented friends is the gifts I receive from them when they are feeling generous.  Imagine my surprise to get a package in the mail last week that contained the 2 little works of art that my best buddy, Terry, sent to me.  These quilted masterpieces could not be more perfect for me and my house.  I have one round table and one rectangular table and the colors are spot on for my decor.  Terry has recently retired from working for the State of Illinois for over 33 yrs and is using her considerable talent in the quilting world to start her own business.  You can visit her blog at:  Quilt Crazie  Tell her I sent ya!
Front view 
Reverse side

Companion runner 


  1. wow! That is gorgeous kelly!

  2. Beautiful! I have GOT to get my final two fleeced skirted today to take to Black Sheep tomorrow. I am splitting Bart's heavenly hogget fleece with a friend; I'm taking my half and Browning's fleece to a processor who will be at BSG to be made into roving. I can't WAIT to try spinning Bart!

    1. I have 27 fleeces that I have got to get my hinder in gear to skirt. Why don't you fly out to WI and we can skirt...oops, I mean visit. (grin) Have fun at BSG and say hi to G for me.

  3. Kelly, have you tried the neck wool I did for you? If it turned out well, I'm more than happy to do neck wool for folks and keep them separated rather than lumping a bunch together to get a minimum weight from a commercial processor.

  4. Kelly, have you tried that neck wool batt yet? Wonder how that spins for you. If it you like it, I'm more than willing to do Shetland neck wool for folks and keep them separated. They don't have to be lumped together to make a minimum weight for a commercial processor.


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Raised beds & chickens coops
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