Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I need a loving home

Chandler is SOLD!!!! Thank you Erin~
Chandler needs a loving home where his silky soft fleece can give someone years of joy.
He is a lovely moorit boy and is THE friendliest boy on our place, so much so that I can't possibly ship him to "you know where".
He has very small scurs that have never amounted to much and one of the sweetest personalities of any sheep I've ever owned.  I'd be willing to let someone have him pretty reasonably if they'd give him a good home.  
Chandler is a Sheltering Pines Ceylon x Sheltering Pines Bug twin.  His fleece is awesome and would be a wonderful addition to anyone's fiber/pet flock. 
Contact me via email: okacres@hotmail.com


  1. THAT was fast! Can I have one just like him with the opposite plumbing? (-'

    I still have Bart here, who needs a fiber home. Send someone my way!

  2. I would take another one just like him with the opposite plumbing too!!! :)
    Just post him on your blog and I can copy and paste it on my FB page for additional advertising.


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Raised beds & chickens coops
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