Monday, May 02, 2011

Naked sheep and spring flowers

Another busy weekend, sheep shearing, hoof trimming and lawn mowing.  Technically, I didn't do any shearing, but I did the hoof trimming and my body is complaining about that loudly.  This is probably the latest I've ever done shearing, but the rain and my shearers schedule kept pushing the date back further and further.  It turns out that the sheep really did need their fleece in April, so I don't mind too much, I just hope they have enough growth in case I want to take someone to WSWF this fall.
Yesterday afternoon I strolled around the yard and took pictures of new growth and spring flowers, so I'll sprinkle a few of those shots in here too.  Please ignore any weeds that may have found their way into the pictures, THAT will have to wait for my body to heal and another sunny weekend.  (grin)
Sawyer will be for sale after further evaluation
Salicional x Forrest

Splash of spring............

How did that chicken get here?
Cole and Bug (BS: before shearing)

Sparta (sold)  polled ram out of Solace X Bug

Emily and  Alabama

Sawyer and Terri

Sparta's hornless head

Madison's hornless head (for sale) Fawn kat carrying spots out  Meadow and Bug

Cole, Mike and Bug

Sierra is being retained, Solace X Bug 

My favorite thing!!!

Naked sheep

John (my nephew) and Bug (AS: after shearing)

This is one of the many trees we planted last year.  
Meadow X Bug (2 fawn kat rams that are hard to fault, fleece is spectacular
One with horn buds and one without.  (both will be for sale after further evaluation)

Tiny tree in the shadow his mature elder.   (planted 30 of these last year)

My favorite rooster.......a couple easter eggers, one black prduction hen and a speckled sussex.


  1. Neat photos, Kelly! Thanks for sharing the peeks around your farm. And Sawyer is stunning!

  2. Great photos - beautiful sheep. Sawyer sure has some good bone! Bet he will have great conformation. Will he be horned?

  3. He has decent horn buds, but they aren't huge, may get kinda small horns or he may scur, I'm not as experienced as Juliann, so hard for me to be sure.
    I will be able to tell more in a week or two. I just love him and his sister.

  4. Nice photos and nice lambs Kelly. I wish I could decide so early who will be sold and who will stay. Takes me all summer to figure it out!


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Mike and I

Mike and I
Mike and I at Nick and Emily's wedding

Raised beds & chickens coops

Raised beds & chickens coops
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