Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Blue funk

This week has been testing mom once told me, "The Lord will never give you more than you can handle".  I have found these pearls of wisdom to be pretty accurate through the years, my mom gets wiser every year.  (grin)  The reason I bring this up is because the last 4-5 weeks have tested me in a number of ways, and this week seems to have been the time it just kinda caught up with me emotionally.  Turns out, that same phenomenon has been happening to a number of my friends.
I can't speak for the others, but today I woke was laying in bed at 2 a.m. and thinking, "Where did I put that paper that my son needs, did I give that ewe enough antibiotic, and I have to remember to get that A/R report printed for my boss today."  I drift off to lala land for a few minutes and wake up from a bizarre nightmare that hasn't reared it's ugly head since my husband got killed in 1989!!!  Finally, it's 6 a.m. and I give up and just get out of bed.  Just think of all the things I could have gotten accomplished if I had just gotten up at 2 a.m. !!  : ) sigh.
As the day has progressed, I have been reflecting on all the things that bring me joy and the many blessings in my life.   I get to spend another Mother's day with my mother!!! How can that NOT bring me joy?  And no matter how rough life may seem, I always have 100% support of my dear hubby, my son, my parents,  my sister & brother, a huge extended family (ps-I have fantastic in-laws) and my friends.  God chose to bless me with some pretty wonderful people in my life and everything else simply pales in comparison to the love they give me and the love I feel for them.
Happy Wednesday everyone,


  1. Wow Kelly, the title had me thinking this post would be a lot different that it was. Thanks for the uplifting message. You have a wonderful attitude.

  2. Oh Kelly, here you were being so supportive of me and you were going through your own crisis! I guess we'll all getting "tested" (I just wish my horse didn't have to suffer through MY testing). Did you really lose a husband? I had no idea....

  3. Ah, just think of how brightly the sun will shine when your funk has passed!

    sending you sympathetic hugs...

  4. Thanks ladies......@Michelle, yes I lost him when our son was 2 1/2, Thanksgiving of 89'. The Lord knew I would be ok, and it's made me a stronger person, so, for that I am grateful.
    I usually shy away from depressing topics on my blog.....But,once in a while, I just indulge myself and whine a bit. :) Halfway through typing my post I got a message from a friend and was reminded of the fact that she doesn't have a mom here to celebrate Mother's day, and I felt it was a gentle nudge from "above". Changed my attitude completely!!!!
    Thank you my sheepy friends.

  5. Kelly,
    I experience "blue funks" on a regular time schedule. Like you, I have to remind myself of the things I have. I think alot of Americans are experiencing these "blue funks." The economy has been horrendous for the past four years. My husband has not had an annual salary raise for four years, now. In fact, he has taken a pay cut. Inflation in food and gas prices continue to erode what income remains. The middle class in America is holding on by finger and toenails. We continue to survive, but look at the rising homelessness and unemployment. Look around your communities and see the empty malls and closed up shops and factories. See the teachers and government employees being laid off in droves. What does our future hold for us as American citizens? We are unsure about how to solve our problems and how to proceed.

    Could it be possible this is the reason for our "blue funks"?

    Just wondering........

    Hang tough!!!


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Raised beds & chickens coops
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