Friday, February 04, 2011

Belated snow report...........

Ok, so I'm a little behind.  I'm going to use the tried and true excuse of being busy.  Lots going on right now, and the snow removal activities sure added to the pile (pardon the pun) of stuff that needs to happen.

Our house dog, Tess, was bouncing around desperate to get outside on Wed. morning to go to the bathroom and after trying every door in the house, Mike resorted to the garage and this is what greeted him when opening it.  It's a goofy feeling to have all your doors snowed shut.

3' snow wall behind my car.

            This is the front of our house, you will notice the drift is completely covering the bottom of the house
This is our front door,  you can see that there's only about 3' between our gutters and the  top of the snow drift.

We brought home our new Maremmas last Saturday and they are such a welcome addition to our place that they seem like they've always belonged.  What's that old saying, "You don't know what your missing until you have it",  certainly applies here.
John and Annie have settled in with 2 young rams nicely, we will release them in the big lot with the rest of the "herd" in a few weeks, but want to make sure they are firmly attached to their new home.   Our "herd" consists of 13 Shetland sheep, 2 llamas, 2 alpacas and 2 Toulouse geese.  We also have to make sure they are ok with our dog, Tess, being around (the outside of their lot) and the 3 horses that are pastured just over the west fence.
This first picture is a gratuitous shot of a ewe that I really like, Sheltering Pines Ceylon.  I've bred her to Bug, and hoping for some super soft spotted babies.  I have very little to say about what they decide to give me, but a gal can dream.  I am crossing my fingers that I get at least a couple nice sheep to take to WSWF in Jefferson this fall, either to show them or have them evaluated by Kate Sharp and some of her fellow UK Shetland sheep breeders.  
Ceylon Feb 2011  (I love this ewe)

Nantucket defending his tire from the intruders 
Say Cheese John.............

Bug trying to get attention where ever he can get it....human, canine, equine, fowl, it simply doesn't matter to him.

Annie, such a sweetheart, I pick up the camera and she retreats to the safety of the shed.

The fact that these dogs are not pets has been very hard on a dog lover like me..........dogs love me, probably because they can smell a sucker for a puppy face a mile away, but I'll take it.

While spending time inside, I love to knit.  My latest project is a new method I learned a couple weeks ago from my friend, Kath Olmstead, at the Argyle Fiber Mill.  It's a mobius neck warmer that can also be used as a hood.  It's so soft and silky that it just begs to be around your neck, I'm so pleased with it, I just had to show it off a bit.
A less than flattering picture of myself, but I'm so happy with the project, I'm making a concession.......
The next 3 pictures are of a bluff in Lone Rock, WI on our way to pick up the dogs on Saturday.  We stopped in the middle of the road to get these shots, the blue in the center of the ice sculptures is so wonderful that it's hard to capture it in a picture.

The blue in this ice form was vibrant aqua.

And, that, is my last week in a nutshell folks.  Simple pleasures in life, mother nature at her angriest and mother nature doing what she does best..........spectacular beauty.
TaTa for now


  1. I am so glad you joined up with Farm Friend Friday. I just love your blog and your sheep are beautiful. I have 2 shetland wethers and we just love them. Can’t wait to look through some of the posts and see your others critters. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Amy at Verde Farm

  2. i love your farm! i read your bio and i am on board with your way of thinking. kudos to you!!! your pyrs are very beautiful. i just followed you and hope you have time to stop by...i found you from farm friend friday. take care and i hope that awful snow melts soon. it is our turn next week...

  3. OOOOOOoooooooh! Annie is SO precious! What a sweet girl. I'm glad they are working out in their new home. Beautiful dogs. I too would have a terrible time wanting to make pets (aka Sable!) out of them.

    How on Earth did Tess get out to relieve herself with your house buried like that???

    I'd say that this is a great weekend to stay in and knit!

  4. What gorgeous dogs - sheep - hens - house!

  5. wow, that's a lot of snow. That picture of your garage from the inside makes my back hurt just looking at it. Love the mobius cowl, you look v. pretty in it!

  6. Welcome to the 2 newcomers! Great to have you and thanks for the kind words.
    @Nancy....My hubby punched a hole in the drift to let Tess out, once out there, she was in heaven with all that snow to play in.
    @Jen & Rich...fortunately Mike used the skidloader to move most of the drifts, my old body just can't take that kind of snow removal any longer. Thanks for the compliment as well, I'm hoping I won't need it much longer :D


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