Friday, January 28, 2011

Meet John and Annie!

Allow me to introduce the two newest members of our "flock", John and Annie, a working pair of Maremma's that I stumbled onto after one of my sheep buyers saw the ad.  
John and Annie's herd of 200, as well as another pair of Maremma's were sold and are on their way to the state of Washington and so they are out of a job.  Mike and I went to see them on Wednesday and when we found out they had the same names as our little niece and nephew, we knew they were meant to be our dogs.  
John & Annie


We will be picking up our newest flock guards on Saturday and delivery 2 bred ewes to a very excited young lady.  Hannah bought two of my bred ewes for a 4-H project, and she currently has 2 Shetlands, so she already loves them.  Now that I've found a way to protect my girls and boys, I can sleep better at night.  The coyotes get closer to us every year and quite recently one of our neighbors spotted two wolves!  
I already love these two dogs, John has already indicated that he will be ok with Mike and I, but Annie is the shy one and will need more time and that's ok too.  They've had a lot happen to them in the last week, their herd left, the other 2 Maremma's left with the herd, strangers came to see they will be put in a truck and taken to a new place with new sheep, llamas, alpacas, another dog and 2 guard geese.  It's a lot to throw at anyone.  We will give them the time they need to adjust.  
So, that's what's new at OK Acres!!!
Tata for now all,


  1. What a fabulous find! I hope they settle in well and quickly, so your flock can live happily ever after.

  2. Thank you Michelle and Kara. I'm so pleased to have found such great dogs within an 1 1/2 of my place. And, the bonus is, they come from great people!

  3. I look forward to hearing more about the dogs, Kelly. Someday I hope to add a similar dog to my flock at some point, and I love the Maremmas. Good luck to you and your new canine friends.


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Raised beds & chickens coops
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