Monday, February 15, 2016

2015 MSSBA Sheep Show Results

Featuring our esteemed Judge: Gilbert Meilke
Gilbert is a past SSS chairman and current committe member of the Shetland Sheep Society, sits as Chairman on the Judges and Inspectors Panel and has served as an SSS judge since 2002.   Tyninghame, East Lothian was the home to the St. Baldred's flock for many years in Scotland and the pride and joy of Gilbert and Jean Meikle. 
Our sincere thanks for their time and effort to help us with our 2015 Sheep & Fleece Show!!!  
Gilbert and Jean would not take any judges fees from us and we are beyond grateful for their generosity and support of our effort in America. 

Youth Showmanship                     
1st place: Taite Wicke 
2nd place: Campbell Wicke
3rd place: James Wicke
4th place: Clayton Mahlkuch

Senior Ram                                                                          
1st  Terri Yapp-OK Acres Elvis

Yearling Ram
1st  Erica Solis-Emancipation Bruce
2nd Kelly Bartels-OK Acres Danby
3rd  Lori Stephenson-Sommarang Luca

Ram Lamb                                                                           
1st  Debbie Powers-Shet-Tu Yarrrow                    
2nd Terry Dukerschein-Glen Tamarack Jupiter     
3rd  Meghan Namaste-Wintertime Turbulant          
4th  Erica Solis-Emancipation Washburne            

 Pair of Ram Lambs
 1st  Garrett Ramsay-White Pine Shetlands
 2nd Russ/Terry Dukerschein-Glen Tamarack Farm
 3rd  Lori Stephenson-Sommarang Farm
 4th  Debbie Powers-Shet-Tu Shetlands

Champion Ram: Erica Solis-Emancipation Bruce (see below)
Reserve Champion Ram: Debbie Powers-Shet-Tu Yarrow

                              Reserve Champion Ram
                                              Shet-Tu Shetlands: Debbie Powers
Shet-Tu Yarrow
Senior Ewe                                                                          
1st  Mike/Kelly Bartels-Shltg. Pines Salicional         
2nd Mike/Kelly Bartels-OK Acres Shania                
3rd  Erica Solis-Emancipation Cleo                           
4th  Lori Stephenson-Sommarang Ilena                     

 Yearling Ewe
 1st  Kelly Bartels-OK Acres Tiree
 2nd Kelly Bartels-OK Acres Cardoness
 3rd  Sharrie Brockhaus-High Ridge Jasmine
 4th  Lori Stephenson-Sommarang Lira

Ewe Lamb                                                                            
1st  Lori Stephenson-Sommarang Maegan              
2nd Garrett Ramsay-White Pine Iana                      
3rd  Terry Dukerschein-Glen Tam. Ganymede        
4th  Sharrie Brockhaus-High Ridge Wild Thing      

 Pair of Ewe Lambs
1st  Garrett Ramsay-White Pine Shetlands
2nd Erica Solis-Emancipation Acres
3rd  Kelly Bartels-OK Acres Shetlands
4th  Russ Dukerschein-Glen Tamarack Farm
Champion Ewe: Mike & Kelly Bartels-Sheltering Pines Salicional
Reserve Champion Ewe: Lori Stephenson: Sommarang Maegan

                         Reserve Champion Ewe
                                 Sommarang Farm: Dwight & Lori Stephenson 
Sommarang Maegan

Dam & Daughter                                                              
1st  Mike & Kelly Bartels-OK Acres Shetlands      
2nd Lori Stephenson-Sommarang Farm                  
3rd  Clayton Mahlkuch-Clay-Mahl Farm                

 Best Small Flock
 1st Garrett Ramsay-White Pine Shetlands
 2nd Russ/Terry Dukerschein-Glen Tamarack Farm
 3rd Lori Stephenson-Sommarang Farm

 Best Fleece on Hoof
1st Debbie Powers-Shet-Tu Shetlands
2nd Erica Solis-Emancipation Acres
3rd Russ/Terry Dukerschein-Glen Tamarack Farm

Supreme Champion
OK Acres Shetlands: Mike & Kelly Bartels
Sheltering Pines Salcional

Reserve Supreme Champion
Emancipation Acres: Erica Solis & Joel Helge
Emancipation Bruce

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