Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Lambing has started

Monday morning kicked off 2015 lambing this year with Sierra giving me a truly lovely moorit smirslet sokket ram lamb that appears to be a smooth polled boy.  (He has large divets in his skull where horns would normally appear)  This little guy made his entrance about 12 am on Sunday.

He hasn't told me his name yet, although I gotten some good suggestions that follow my naming theme this year.....Cars!

OK Acres Sierra x OK Acres Einstein

 Next is my resident lamb stealer, Garnet.  When the ole estrogen starts flowing and another ewe has lambs, she's relentless is her attempts to take one, which she was trying to do with Sierra but failed because Sierra is such a great mother.  I was pleased that Garnet decided to have a nice set of moorit (possilby modified) rams at about 7:30 am that same morning.  Still wet in this photo. 
Wintertime Garnet x OK Acres Einstein-the lighter of the two has some minor krunet on his head. 

Today's offering was a lovely set of twins from Anais when I went home at lunch to check on the sheep.  Both are large lambs, one is a black horned ram and the other is a spotted (body spots will likely fade as she grows) grey katmoget ewe.  This set of twins is still wet too. 

Sheltering Pines Anais Anais x OK Acres Einstein
I'm expecting Alabama to lamb next or possibly Ellie. 

Happy Lambing everyone. 

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  1. What a great start! That first boy is so fine and flashy he certainly needs a "premium car" name, like Cadillac, Lexus, Jaguar, or Rolls. Or maybe something even more expensive, like Maserati!


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