Thursday, April 09, 2015

Lambapalooza 2015

It seems I've fallen behind with my lamb posts.  The last several days have been a bit crazy and I'm a walking zombie after yesterday's busy schedule.  I took the day off to have the vet come out and draw blood for OPP and Johnnes testing, then had a meeting in Brodhead, doctor appointment in the afternoon and then had to shear 3 rams that are going to the freezer today.  Since yesterday morning, 5 ewes had lambs and one of them was a gal that prolapsed 2 weeks ago, she had 2 lovely lambs about 6:30 pm and is doing well but I'm still watching her closely.

Here are the last several lambs to hit the ground.

Alabama x Khan gave me a single moorit ewe with minor head spotting

Catherine x Danby gave me 2 ewes, a black w/ minor head spotting and a black flecket (yuglet)

Cherish x Kennsington gave me 2 ewes, grey kat and fawn kat.  (spot carriers)

Seneca x Einstein gave me a moorit smirslet ewe and a black flecket (yuglet) ram

Seneca x Einstein Black flecket ram

Ellie Mae x Kennsington gave me a dark grey kat ewe and a fawn kat ram

Shania x Khan gave me this smirslet fawn kat ewe

Angel x Danby gave me a lovely set of ewe lambs, a flecket (yuglet) and one that is almost entirely white except for a fawn spot under her tail adn some dark spots on her legs.  She is one giant spot over that katmoget marking. 

Irish Mist x Danby gave me 2 stunning rams, this one that is dark grey with a krunet and some white bands on his ankles and a totally white tail.

Irish Mist x Danby's 2nd ram lamb, with a large krunet, some white spots on his ankles and a white tip on his tail.

Bee Sting x Danby gave me two ewe lambs, a lovely moorit krunet

Bee Sting x Danby's other ewe is a moorit flecket

Attina x Khan gave me a lovely black smirslet flecket ram

Attina x Khan black krunet ewe
I am pretty happy with the lambs so far, several are stand outs for me at this point, but I won't be too quick to judge since they can change as the mature.  I see little signs of what they will be as they grown and that has me pretty excited about his group.  I know I have 1 smooth polled ram so far, will see how the others develop. 


  1. Good looking group of lambs. Guess you have certainly earned some rest!! Sneak in some down time!

  2. Lots of lovelies and lots of FLASH! Congrats!


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