Friday, May 30, 2014

Shetland Island Trip Part 5 (picutre heavy)

How we got lucky enough to have such nice weather during our 4 day stay on Shetland is beyond me, but from what everyone has told me, the rain is usually an everyday occurrence during October.  After the ferry ride from hell, I'm guessing we got a small reprieve. 

We decided to stroll about Lerwick a bit in the morning, the weather was perfect for it with us only needing long sleeves and light jackets.

Mike on the left, then Amy, Suzanne, Kate and Garrett

Suzanne and Susan in a Lerwick alley that started as steps and was a steep grade to the bottom

Some of the ships at the docks

Fresh fish and chips

Lerwick Museum

Postal "tube"  I was intrigued by the cast iron tubes used for letters. 

This entire street is a no parking zone.........I

Shetland's Biggest Department store? ????  Mercy me.

Nothing says suppertime like meat hanging in the window.

Lerwick-fish and chips place on the left

This is me, being me.  Dorky  (No super hero costume, but that doesn't stop me) 


  1. Half of your pictures didn't download for me, but maybe next time.

    Those 'postal tubes' you saw are all over G.B. and originated from here in Bath. We are used to them, and now they are national treasures. There are Victorian ones just 200 yards from where I write this.

    The Shetlands look good - I must go there.

    1. I really enjoyed our stay and the history of the UK. The people could not have been kinder to us.

  2. Fish bigger than the plate

  3. The fish and chips looks EPIC. Now I'm kinda hungry :-)


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Raised beds & chickens coops
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