Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lambing to date for 2014

Lambing has been a long, drawn out affair this year.  I think that the girls had a premonition of the crappy unseasonably cold weather we'd be having this spring way back in the fall when I decided to introduce them to the boys.  Sometimes Mother Nature just plain knows what she's doing and sometimes her warped sense of humor just likes to torment us.  As was and is the case this past couple years, she's showed us a bit of both.  
Bengal started off lambing this year on April Fools Day with a single black ram lamb (same as last year).   Next to lamb, after what seemed like years, was Anais on April 9th with 2 more ram lambs, then more waiting........(can you hear the crickets, cause I did) Sierra & Alabama finally decided to have single rams and Velma had a ram and my first ewe for 2014 all born on April 13th.  April 14th....Catherine had a ram and ewe, then the 15th Killian with a ewe, Santana with a ewe and my lamb stealer Garnet with a ram and a ewe.  Bee Sting had a ram and a ewe on the 16th and after a run home at lunch to check on sheep, no lambs for the 17th....yet.
10 ewes down and 8 more to go!!!  

Bengal's ram lamb (Carlisle) looking awfully lonely without other lambs around. 


Amais is one of my favorite girls, she's friendly, a good mother and I like he typey structure and overall look.  This year she gave me a black smirslet ram -Hyde(dog coat-but this line tends to get those and then they change. ) and a fawn kat ram (Preson)  that seems to scream "look at me".

Sierra produced this ubber flashy black flecket ram (Danby) this year and he has no sign of horns yet, and is the friendliest lamb on the property.  He will be held over for evaluation. 

Velma is another ewe that produces keepers for me every year. This year she's given me a moorit ram-Hastings (spot carrier) and a black ewe-Laxey (also spot carrier)

Alabama is a favorite around here, she had a flashy little fawn kat ram (Ashby)  that is the spitting image of his sire, Bing.  Fleece looks to be exactly what I'd want in a flock sire, so he will be watched.

Catherine is 9 this year and once again she's given me just what I wanted, a white ewe lamb-Victoria, with the bonus of a black ram-(Devon) that carries spots. 

Fawn kat smirslet ewe (Charolette)....born with a dog coat, but her mom & grandmother did the same and it changed at about 3 mos. of age)  The white on her head goes all the way around her neck too. 

Killian's fawn kat ewe-Tamara (i had originally thought she was grey due to poor lighting, but she is fawn.

Bee Sting's moorit flecket ram (Barlow) and her spot carrying fawn kat girl.(Bala)


  1. I hope the later ewes are saving some equally nice EWE lambs for you!


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