Monday, April 21, 2014

7 more wooly creatures

Good Friday lambing surprise was OK Acres Celine x OK Acres Elvis' ewe lamb.  A lovely moorit smirslet that is Celine's first lamb.  I could not have hoped for anything nicer from these two, a truly lovely lamb that will be retained to see how she matures.

Meet OK Acre Lunna

Keeping your snarky comments to a minimum, but please notice the up side down heart on Lunna's uh hum....hooohoooo.
Next was OK Acre Seneca on Sunday night, very late on Sunday....

Seneca is one of my top ewes, she's a VCreek Sarah daughter and her structure and overall size and appearance is what I like to see on a Shetland ewe.  Her ram lambs last year were some of the best I've ever had here and this year's lamb seem to be following in their footsteps.  It's too early to make too bold a statement about them, but I'm pretty happy with that I see.

Black krunet ewe: Skye       Fawn kat smirslet ewe: Iona
Followed by OK Acres Vienna x OK Acres Bing at 12:30 am with a pair of really nice ram lambs, they both appear to be modified.

Dover is a great looking moorit with very rich color

Bristol is quite the little looker when he's not snoozing after a hard evening of being born.  

Finally.........Kimberwood Dot had a nice set of twins out of OK Acres Bing.

They were still pretty damp from their 5 am arrival, so not the greatest photos.
Black ram: Glasgow

Fawn kat ewe: Keighly

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