Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Part 2 Shetland Islands

As the sun rises over calmer seas, our ferry finally heads to the docks in the harbor at Lerwick.  I scrambled out of our torture chamber cabin and head for the deck at the back of the ship.  This is the view that was waiting for me..........

Getting closer

The first sign of a "no trees" landscape

They don't seem very upset after a night of high seas terror.

Isn't it beautiful? ............LAND!!!

We docked, got my sick hubby out of the cabin, and drove off the ferry.  Now to see some Shetland sheep and this beautiful island (s).

Castle ruins

Mike and Garrett on the docks

Sheep on Shetland----NOTE: I think it's important to mention here that not all sheep ON Shetland are purebred Shetland sheep.  There is a lot of cross breeding that is done in order for the crofters to be able to make a living by selling to the markets.  One crofter we spoke to told us he likes to cross a Cheviot ram to a Shetland ewe and then use the ewe from that crossing and breed to a Suffolk ram.  So the pictures that I've taken of the hill sheep can't be guaranteed to be purebred Shetlands.  The flocks we visited and photographed ARE purebred Shetlands, but I'll try to make sure to make that distinction in the comments of the photos. 

more Sheep on Shetland

Quaint little houses

Shetland hills and heather losing it's summer color

Shetland Ponies

 Stay tuned for the Vemetry flock........
Hamish Hunter manages over 600 sheep there and they have moorits and whites, plus a flock of crossbred sheep. 
Wouldn't you love to look out your window at this??!!! 


  1. I really like when you all post your trip to far away places. I have enjoyed your journey to Scotland seeing the sheep. It makes me think of growing up on the farms along time ago. I don't think I would like the ferry ride you took. I would probably have been just like you sick. Your scenery is awesome and thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  2. I'm disappointed; you TOTALLY skipped the details of the ferry ride! (Misery loves company; I "fed the fish" on a recent one-hour whale-watching cruise, and it wasn't even stormy.)

    1. LOL....sorry Michelle. I wasn't sick, but my hubby, Kate, Amy and Suzanne didn't take the trip very well. I think my husband probably was the worst of the lot, he gets motion sickness quite easily and spent almost the entire voyage with a hand on the wall and one on the ceiling trying to get "grounded". The trip is usually 12 hrs. from 7 pm to 7 am, but we were out 16 hrs due to the slower speed and trying to stay closer to the shore to minimize the effects of the rough sea. The trip back was a dream by comparison. As we were getting the vehicles to leave my husband's comment was "Get me the $#@& off this boat". I felt bad that I laughed at that.


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Raised beds & chickens coops
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