Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Breeding Groups.......Fall 2013

OK Acres Bing Crosby
 Bing will get the following ewes for 2014 lambs:
OK Acres Alabama
Lil Country Bee Sting
Kimberwood Dot
Wintertime Garnet
Sheltering Pines Salcional
OK Acres Seneca
OK Acres Vienna

OK Acres Elvis (Res. Champion Ram 2013 MSSBA Show)
 Elvis will get the following ewes for 2014 lambs:
Sheltering Pines Anais Anais
Sommarang Challis (leaving in Jan.)
OK Acres Celine Dion
Sommarang Edrea
Sommarang Farrah (leaving in Jan.)
OK Acres Santana
OK Acres Sierra
Sheltering Pines Velvet Night (for sale)

OK Acres Garth (shaela)
   Garth will have the following ewes for 2014 lambs:
Sheltering Pines Bengal
Sheltering Pines Catherine
White Pine Killian
Lil Country Meadow
OK Acres Shania
Lil Country Velma (for sale)


  1. My friend who keeps sheep today took a load of them to a slaughterhouse and was turned away. Why? They don't take wet sheep. This is England. How many dry sheep do you think are in England and Wales in November?

  2. Fun to see who you are breeding the ewes to! Looking forward to seeing your crop of lambs next spring! I bet they will be great!


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Raised beds & chickens coops

Raised beds & chickens coops
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