Thursday, July 11, 2013 need a giant camera?

Well folks, today is your lucky day!  It turns out that there IS a giant camera being built as we speak in Chicago, the project is very passionately being brought to fruition by photographer Dennis Manarcy. 

It's a wonderful project that Davis Welding (where Mike and I work) has become involved in because we build custom trailers.  And if you have a giant camera, you need something to transport it around the countryside, you need a trailer.  Somehow fate intervened by having Dennis stumble onto us, he then called me to explain the project.   After Dennis and I spoke he asked if we would be interested in becoming involved by building a custom trailer to take his camera all over the country to photograph the faces of our vanishing cultures.   
I won't go into the project details too much, you can view the description and a short video of project here:  Butterflies and Buffalo

Artist's rendition of the camera and trailer.    
 You can also see a story about this project at:

I am very excited to be a part of this project, it coincides with the 200th Anniversary of the camera and is a massive undertaking due to the fact that Dennis will be traveling 20,000 miles in his quest to photograph as many interesting faces as he can find.  There is someone coming today to film us and I certainly hope that the editor can shave 40ish pounds off me if they use any footage with me in it.
Mike is working closely with Dennis and his camera engineer, Matt, to get the trailer the way it needs to be for the camera to sit on it and to further complicate things, the back 3rd of the camera has to open up.   I have nothing but confidence that Mike and Matt will get it done.

I am told that this will be in the Smithsonian after the project is complete, and how cool is that!!!!????

I'll post pictures of the trailer later, but wanted to get this much up for today.  

Coolness factor of 10 1/2 (scale of 1-10)


  1. Just watched the video. What an AMAZING project, and that you are a part of it has to rate at least 100 on the cool scale!

  2. Ditto.......quite wonderful x

  3. Thanks John and Michelle--we are quite passionate about this project! Dennis and his crew are so friendly and easy to work with that it's been a positive experience from the beginning.


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