Thursday, May 02, 2013

Fall Trip to Shetland, Scotland the UK

I am over the moon about this much so that I can barely stand NOT talking about it.  We've been planning this trip for almost 2 years now and it will be the trip of a lifetime for us.  If we didn't have so many Shetland sheep lovers from these areas to host us for awhile, there's no way this trip would be within our budget, so it's extra special. 
Shetland Islands

We are flying into Ediburgh, Scotland (Mike and I have some Scottish roots) 


Then grabbing the ferry at Aberdeen to Shetland........

 Arrive at Shetland for Wool Week, Ram inspections and the Ram Sale
Can't wait to see this .........

Shetland Flock Book Fine Fleece Prize Giving with Vi-Spring

See Oliver Henry of Jamieson & Smith judging the wool on the sheep, in the sale ring. Watch Luxury bedmaker, Vi-Spring, present the annual prizes for Fine Fleece on the Hoof in categories: Shetland White Ram Lamb, Shetland Coloured Ram Lamb and Overall Champion Vi-Spring Fine Fleece. Free, drop-in. Minimum experience level required = 1 (1 = Beginner, 5 =Expert).
Type: Drop-in
Location: Shetland Rural Centre (Marts), Staney Hill, Lerwick
Time: 1200

 Back on the ferry......and back to Scotland.  Then hit the road to see Shetland sheep breeders scattered  from Scotland through Northumberland, Cumbria, North West/East, Midlands East West, South then Southwest then over to the Southeast to London,  We are going to try to hit some points of interest (some non-sheepy things) and end up as close to London as possible in order to be close to our airport to fly back home.  



  1. AnonymousMay 02, 2013

    I am extremely happy for you! I agree a trip of a lifetime! You'll do a fine job of representing the Shetland breeders here. Your willingness to help a newcomer like me is evidence you love the animals you raise and promote. I could lose a few pounds if you think it might help me fit in your suitcase! I will be anxious to hear all you learn.

    1. What an incredibly kind thing to say, thank you so much. I just like talking about Shetland sheep and hearing the excitement from new breeders when they fall in love with them just like I did.
      Grab a suitcase and come along!!! :)

  2. Hi Kelly, Awesome to get to take a wonderful trip to Scotland. I hope you take pictures for all of us to see here in blog land. I keep saying I would just like to take a train trip preferably to see the Canadian Rockies. I just think it would be fun. Have a great time while you are gone. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

    1. I will be taking a lot of pictures and videos Shirley. Thanks for the well wishes, prayers and hugs.
      I've been to Missouri trail riding, it's a beautiful area of the country.
      Your WI friend!!!

  3. Can't wait for the trip will make May Day xx


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