Sunday, April 21, 2013

2013 micron data

Micron data as follows:

Data Is: AFD/SD/CV/CEM/<15 p="">

8 yrs. old sheep
SP Catherine: 25.7/5.4/20.9/9.0/2.2/83.0/25.0
SF Challis: 28.8/6.1/21.2/10.9/1.0/63.2/28.1
SP Maura: 24.8/4.5/18.3/7.4/1.0/91.7/23.6

7 yrs. old
SP Salicional: 25.1/4.1/16.4/6.8/0.4/92.6/23.5

6 yrs. old
KW Dot: 27.0/5.6/20.6/10.6/0.8/74.6/26.2
LC Meadow: 26.2/5.0/19.0/8.1/1.0/82.1/25.1

5 yrs. old
SP Ceylon: 28.8/6.1/21.1/10.8/0.8/62.9/28.1
SP Bengal; 26.0/4.4/17.1/7.9/0.8/86.1/24.5
SF Farrah: 27.9/5.7/20.5/10.0/0.5/68.6/27.1

4 yrs. old
LC Velma: 28.0/5.5/19.6/9.6/0.7/69.2/27.0

3 yrs. old
SP Anais : 22.5/5.0/22.3/9.0/5.2/93.9/22.1
S'M Cotillion: 26.1/5.5/20.9/9.7/0.8/80.9/25.4
WT Garnet: 24.8/5.2/21.0/9.0/2.7/86.9/24.2
SP Temperance: 25.7/5.4/20.9/9.7/1.3/81.4/25.0

2 yrs. old
OK Alabama: 25.6/5.9/23.1/10.3/1.4/77.9/25.4
LC Bee Sting: 25.3/4.5/17.9/8.0/0.8/88.8/24.0
LC Disco: 29.5/7.4/25.2/15.8/0.3/62.0/29.8
WP Killian: 27.9/5.4/19.4/9.2/0.5/69.4/26.7
OK Salina: 24.9/5.6/22.5/10.6/1.8/84.4/24.6
OK Seneca: 23.4/5.4/22.9/9.8/3.6/89.6/23.2
OK Sierra: 26.1/4.8/18.4/8.0/0.9/82.9/24.9
OK Vienna: 24.5/5.0/20.4/8.7/2.5/

Yearling ewes
RO Rihanna: 23.0/5.1/22.2/9.3/2.8/92.1/22.6
OK Shania: 21.3/3.9/18.0/6.7/3.6/98.6/20.3
OK Whitney: 21.8/5.1/23.3/9.9/6.8/93.9/21.7
OK Celine: 21.5/5.1/23.7/9.4/7.5/95.1/21.5

Yearling Rams
OK Bing: 19.6/3.8/19.6/6.6/10.2/99.6/18.9
OK Elvis: 22.3/4.3/19.1/7.4/4.1/97.6/21.4
OK Garth: 21.8/5.2/23.9/9.4/7.7/94.7/21.8
OK Ringo: 224.7/5.9/24.0/10.3/2.8/82.2/24.7

Legand for flock prefix
SP=Sheltering Pines
SF=Sommarang Farm
LC=Little Country Acres
RO=River Oaks
WP=White Pine
OK=OK Acres

This, of coarse, is only one factor to be considered when evaluating the whole sheep, but it helps me to put scientific data to what my hands are feeling.  When deciding who is to move on to another flock, I start by determining who displays good structure, then I consider the fleece quality.  I have a lot of decisions to make this year if I am to get down to the 15-20 breeding ewes that I want to maintain here.  I am not looking forward to making some of these hard decisions, but culling heavily is the only way to continue improving on what I have bred or purchased in the past.  (big sigh)  
I am going to be selling approximately 30+ sheep this year.....another big sigh escapes.

I'm sitting here waiting for the sun to make it's way from behind the clouds.........looks like I may be waiting a bit, but at least it isn't snowing.  



  1. Almost all your SFs are lower than your AFDs; excellent numbers, Kelly! I could certainly help you reduce your numbers. ;-)

    1. ...reduce your numbers of SHEEP, that is!

    2. chuckling......yes, I figured you meant sheep Michelle. Thank you, if anyone is coming your direction, I'd be happy to send one to you. Lots to choose from this year.

    3. If YOU hear of anyone, let me know, please! I'm supposed to be receiving a deposit on two of my sheep this week, a ram and a ewe, which leaves me with three breeding ewes. Of course, this means I can breed all three of them this fall and have room to keep any great ewe lambs, but I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to get a proven, mature fine-fleeced ewe!

  2. Stunning Kelly! Amazing progress. You must be elated! I do not envy your task of paring down to 20-25 breeding ewes. That is going to be one difficult task!

    1. Thanks Stephen, I consider that high praise coming from someone with such great sheep. I have no idea how I am going to decide. sigh

  3. Great numbers...great job.


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