Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2013 Lamb post #5

Got home from work last night and found Ceylon with a nice set of twins in the shed.  Ceylon throws spots, so I knew I'd find some nice ones from her being bred to Bing.

Sheltering Pines Ceylon x OK Acres Bing

Ewe on the left-ram on the right-about 2 hrs old here.

Newborn moorit ewe from Ceylon
 Saturday night--Fiona had a set of triplets, her usual 2 rams and 1 ewe.  Fiona is a Charollais/Texel cross and she was bred to Thor-a purebred Shetland ram.  Approximate lamb weights for the triplets was 7-8 lbs each at birth.  Fiona has one half of her udder that is no longer good, so I have a nipple bucket that supplements this trio.  I didn't catch one of the ram lambs in my shot, you can see one ram and the little white ewe below.

Fiona's ewe
 Sheltering Pines Catherine had a set of twins on Saturday afternoon, but the ram lamb was stillborn for some reason, but we did get this super cute little ewe lamb that I've named Mirage.  She has some baby fuzz, but her fleece style is identical to her mother's.

Sheltering Pines Catherine x OK Acres Ringo


  1. OK, seriously - I don't know how you leave and go to work with all this going on...the idiot for these babies that I am, I would be sitting there waiting! :-) Each one is cuter than the next...Happy Wednesday - Tanya

  2. What adorable little critters. Hope it's looking Spring-like in Wisconsin. We're expecting up to a foot of snow here tonight. It's already started....I. hope. this. is. it.


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