Monday, January 21, 2013

Who doesn't love a party?

My friend, Michelle of Boulderneigh had this on her blog today and I thought it was a lovely idea, so I'm going to come along for the ride.

My name is Kelly and I started my blog in 2009 because I wanted a way to brag about my Shetland sheep, as well as my spinning and  knitting projects, I liken it to a mother bragging about her children.  I've found that I love to blog, and I've found some great online friends along the way.  I don't always have something witty or intellectual to say, but it's a way to share my happiness, worry or sadness.  I think my bonus in working on my blog is the feeling that people you've never met face to face care enough to comment, celebrate, empathize or simply pray for me.  How great is that?

I live in a little valley in Southern Wisconsin with my husband, along with our outside "residents" a  flock of registered Shetland sheep, a couple geriatric llamas, one alpaca, 3 horses, a lot of chickens and 2 Marmemma guardian dogs that watch over the outside critters.   Inside our house are 2 incredibly spoiled cats and Tess, our 11 year old German Shepherd cross.   The animal numbers have increased significantly since my son went away to college a few years ago.  I've been accused of replacing him with animals and I think he's probably right.

Our goal for our little slice of heaven is to grow as much of our own food as possible, with as little chemical input as we can manage, as well as supporting other local growers, artisans and farmers in our area.   Since finding a lovely group of women that share my love of all things fiber related, I've kind of fallen into a group that mirrors our lifestyle of sustainable living.  This blog, my connection to the fiber community and the people I've met from being a part of it all has become my safe place to land.  I feel like my life has been heading to this place since I was born, everything about it just feels "right". 

I love the idea of having a give-away for leaving comments, and since I've spent a fair amount of time knitting 100% Shetland caps this winter, I've decided that I'm going to offer one as a prize for leaving a comment on this blog post.  No strings attached, just leave a comment and you will be included in a drawing for a cap.  All you have to do is tell me your size, and I'll knit you a scrumptious Shetland wool cap to keep you warm.  You do not have to have a blog to enter, just leave a comment, that's it.   No matter where you are located, I am willing to send your prize to you.
Make sure to leave me your email address so you can be contacted if you win.   The winner will be announced on Feb. 1st on my blog, so make sure you check back. 
Here's an example of one of my caps.  Shetland sheep come in 9 natural "whole" colors and several modified colors, so there is no need to dye the yarn to make them pop!
Good luck and remember to check back on Feb. 1st for the winner.


  1. Kudos to you for doing a lot more with your own wool than I have been doing! I'd love a chance to win one of these beauties, even if I don't wear hats much (Brian does!).

  2. Alrighty girlfriend - you are loaded in for the party - look in the list for less than 50 followers. I hope you make lots of new friends!


    ps - your little grandson is the cutest thing I ever saw!

  3. Hello, just found your blog by way of Grow your blog. We have something in common besides a love of critters. I live in Southwest Wisconsin. Near Spring Green. Where about do you live? I found your blog interesting. Baby Landon is such a cutie. Hope he is doing well. When you have a chance hop over to my blog . I am now a new follower for you!

  4. Hi,
    Stopping by on the GYBP trail. Sure glad I got to meet you via your blog. Your cap is so cute. looks like it is really cozy warm. Have fun at the party...

  5. visiting via Vicky's blog party and know Michelle as well. I have a few Shetland sheep and Carly, my oldest ewe, is living out her days in the yard. She toddles around, bleating like a foghorn, eating corn, hay and grass and being the Grand Dame of the farm. the hat is lovely, great colors!

  6. That sounds so interesting. I'm happy I found your blog. Knitting your own wool must be great.

  7. Well as a knitter myself and a huge appreciator of anything coming off sheep ... I could leave a comment fast enough to be included in your give away. Be sure to visit my blog and see my give away.

    I have also felt drawn to your life story. I have a large affinity for animals of all types. In fact I could never live on a farm because the farm animals would rapidly become my "pets" and during really bad weather periods like snow, I would feel compelled to bring them into the house to keep warm. I can see your thoughts ... oh no, you couldn't do that! ...and you are right but that wouldn't stop me from trying. So no farm life for me but I love reading about the experiences of others ... so I am now following you.

    Take care and visit me sometime.


  8. My goal is to use my own shetlands wool to make scarves and hats, etc. Now to get it processed and spun into yarn. Still many things on my "to do" list to learn. :)
    Voni (

  9. I LOVE this blog! Dropping in from the GYB Party - looking forward to getting to know you here. Heading back to read more now...count me in as a follower, too! Happy, warm and creative week - Tanya

  10. PS - I just scrolled down - you are NOT old enough to have a college age son! Happy Tuesday!

  11. @ Jean-Just get a piece of yarn, wrap it around your head, cut it and then measure it and send that to me so I can get your the correct size hat. Most people are an adult medium, but there's some stretch that works in my favor to make em' fit too. :)

    @Michelle-you certainly are no slacker in the knitting department lady, I can make a lot more hats in the time it takes for you to make those lovely creations of yours.

    @ my new nephew.

    @Theresa-I love in Monroe WI...heading to your blog next.

    @ knitalatte-Thanks for stopping by!!!

    @ Thistle Cove Farm-Another Shetland lover!!! Thanks for stopping by, I need more Shetland friends-you can't have too many.

    @ Magdalena-There's just something about raising the sheep, shearing, washing, spinning and knitting your own wool. It's addictive.

    @ Elaine-Stopped by your blog, it's lovely!!!

    @ Voni-You seem to have your hands pretty full already lady. lol

    @Tanya-Thanks for the kind works, I am not the silver tongued blogger that is the norm with so many of the blogs I follow, but I love doing it. I will be visiting your blog in just a little bit. BTW-My son is 25 yrs old....and I am 50, so I AM old enough, but thank you for saying I don't look it. :)

    Everyone is entered in the drawing for the cap!!!

  12. Lovely cap. Lovely blog! I finally got a chance to catch up on reading it from my mom's computer. :)

  13. Oh my, what a beautiful farm you have. I'm following. I've met some of the most interesting people at this blog party. Looking forward to sitting down and reading about your animals and garden.

  14. I love those natural colours. Great chatty blog. Best wishes.

  15. Your blog sounds like just my kind of place. I'm going to follow along on your adventures.

  16. Kelly, thank you for coming by for a visit. After the sweet comment you left, I couldn't wait to swing by your place for a visit. And I'm sure glad I did. My husband is in the wool business. He runs a company that buys raw wool, cleans it (pew wee), cards it, then combs it. The final product is then sold to various companies to do with as they will.....I guess spinning it into yarn. Very interesting process. I will be following you now. Can't wait to read more about your wooly critters.

    ~ Laurie

  17. i'm looking around your blog. having such fun. enjoy your week. please drop by my blog when you get a moment. thanks. ( :

  18. Can I run away and come to live with you...????? ;-)

    I loved reading your GYB post, especially concerning your hopes to become self-sufficient and the fact that you actually have others who are of a similar mind!

    I'd love to have space to raise animals but here on our crowded little island (UK) land comes at a premium (and VERY large pricetag!!!)

    All things to do with yarn (from fleece to finished article) fascinate me - I'd love to have a go at spinning....maybe one of these days I'll have the opportunity!

    Anyway - thanks for finding my blog and commenting; I'm so glad to be one of your new followers!

    SueH The Knitting Assassin!
    Twitter – @Librarymaid

  19. You have llamas!! I love llamas. And donkeys and cats and goats. But llamas are great. It's nice to meet you & thank you for coming over to my blog as well.

  20. You have a very interesting life. I like to knit and crochet, but I've never raised or spun the wool. You're very generous to give away a handmade cap. You can visit me at

  21. So glad to meet you - I love wool even though I don't have sheep. I do have three very large Lab mix dogs though - too bad I can't take the dog hair around here and do something with it LOLOLOL Your place and animals sounds like a little slice of heaven! I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog. Hugs!

  22. Your animals are beautiful and how neat to have sheep - get your own yarn... fab. Visiting through Vicki and hugs from Alaska. (

  23. I am trying to meet some more of you all. I enjoyed reading about all of your animals. I would love to live in the country again even at my age that is what you get when growing up on a farm. Your little Landon is such a sweetie and I will add him to my prayer list that he continues to grow and do well. They can do so much
    for little ones. I have enjoyed reading other post. You could sell your mirrors and glasses if you ever wanted to. I would love to have one of your hats. A New Missouri Friend.

  24. ...what an exciting idea for blog candy.. thanks.. mitz_zee@yahoodotcom

  25. Nice to meet you at the party!
    Beautiful blog and I love your giveaway!

  26. Are you kidding me with that little hat??!!---it is SOOO gorgeous. I love that you are living your little slice of heaven with all of your beautiful animals. I'm so glad I popped in from Vicki's blog party!

    Come visit my blog and giveaway, too, if you get the chance!


  27. Hello there,
    I've had such a lovely time peeking into your blog...I've nipped over from Australia for the GYB party.
    Although it's summer here just now because I'm a Brit I still love to keep in touch with the Motherland and your hat looks just what I needed for our recent trip to Canada. Still if I was lucky enough to win, I could always keep it safe until winter arrives here. Don't like to think about that just yet though. ;D
    By the way my daughter is living in Edinburgh at the moment.
    Have a wonderful time at the party and I'll see you again soon I hope.
    Oops forgot to say...I'm having a giveaway too if you are interested.
    Neesie ♥


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