Thursday, January 03, 2013

I'm a simple woman

Simple minded?  Sometimes yes, and  It just that simple things make me happy......I think I've mentioned that on this blog a time or two.    Well, one of those simple this happened this past weekend, I got juice (aka-electricity) in my ram shed!!!!  That's right folks, TWO light bulbs, a light switch annnndddd.......wait for it.........a receptacle to plug in my heated buckets!  I was so delighted by having lights in that shed that I turned them on and just stood there for a while enjoying the illumination.  My husband just laughs and shakes his head at me.   My rams were not as impressed by the new addition to their digs, seemed a bit ungrateful to me, you would think they'd be leaping with joy.  (go figure)

side note: This is only a stock image from google, the actual lights in the shed are much nicer.
I have a husband that refuses to be idle, even when he's got time off work and burning up unused vacation time, he's working all the time.  While off from work this past week he's been helping out his dad at the shop while his brother, Nick, is at the hospital with his son, he split and loaded fire wood that he delivered to his parents, insulated the sky light in the kitchen, helped our son move to his new apartment, drove milk truck on the weekend, went to Menards and got a new walk-in door for the garage, insulated ducting for the exhaust fans in the bathrooms and waited on me last weekend when I was so sick.  What on earth would I do without this great guy?  I have no idea........

Other OK Acres happenings.........

Do you remember that little, cute Maremma puppy we drove to Minnesota and brought home last year?    
Bianca as a puppy with John wondering what in the heck happened to his peace and quiet.
Well, here she is now.......doing what these great dogs do best, protecting her flock.  We've had a few play/chase issues, but she's finally settled down enough to stop that goofiness.  I'm not saying she's not still pretty goofy, but she's really become a great guardian for us.  She now dwarfs John, our geriatric Maremma.  He's a solid 100# dog, but Bianca makes him look like he's small when she's standing next to him.  And he puts up with so much crap from her, it amazes me.
Bianca "guarding" the hay pile.  
See what I mean?  He just stands there and lets her be a pain in the rear.  

The good thing about Bianca's relentless pestering of John is that he's much healthier this year.  Since Bianca keeps him moving, he's lost weight and is no longer struggling to get up or move.   He runs around the lot and pasture with ease once again.  It makes my day to see him so happy again.  He really had a tough time of it when we lost Annie.  John is 10 years old, but he's acting like he's a puppy more and more these days. 
I apologize for the picture quality, it was foggy and overcast when I took these last 2 photos and they are not the greatest. 


  1. That is exactly what happened to Sansa when we got Drogo. I think the puppies really help the older dogs stay young.

  2. Wow, what wonderful dogs. And they are so lucky to live the life they are bred for. I am sure they are happiest when they are with the sheep.


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Raised beds & chickens coops
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