Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kick in the pants

I love to recycle and re-purpose things, so when my hubby went to the dump 2 weeks ago, I saw that as an opportunity to "shop".  I won't bore you with the details of my trip, suffice it to say that at one point, I was actually getting a leg up to climb in the dumpster for some treasures I'd found.  It was books!!!  Why would anyone throw away books in perfect condition?  Can't they be regifted or donated to the thrift store?   As it turns out, I think I was meant to make that dump trip and find that box of books.    Some of my trials and health issues have been causing me a lot of stress lately due to a number of things beyond my control and I was not handling them well.  I had become overwhelmed and very emotional, which is not the real me at all, and that caused me stress.  Mike was struggling with some terrible back pain and that was causing me get the idea.  Two of the books I found caught my eye immediately, and I started reading one of them right away and now I can't put that first one down.  Every page is another way to kick me in the pants and make me realize how very lucky I am to have the life I have and the family and friends that surround me. It reminds me of how tough past generations were and how much they had to overcome just to raise a family and survive.  I am humbled by the sacrifices that these men made for their families and it was all done without a second thought...there was no complaining....there was no looking for a pat on the back, just hard work and a sense of commitment to provide.     

And this is the book............. 

 If anyone would care to read this when I'm done, say the word and it's on it's way to you!!! I also have aonther book written by Tim Russert that was in that box of dumpster books and it's actually the prequile to this book. 

I will be reading this one's a story that Tim wrote about his dad. 

I am willing to rehome both of these books.  I think the message is a good one.  

I am so blessed and thankful, it's like I'm bursting with it today.  So if you want to climb in that dumpster, get in there, you never know what you might find that will make your day brighter.  (big grin) 

Toodles for now.


  1. Hi Kelly! In England we call "dumpsters" "skips". Not sure why. My late mother was very fond of checking out the content of skips. One man's rubbish is another man's treasure and vice versa. Once I found an old Victorian chair in a skip. Painstakingly I stripped off the paint to reveal a handsome receptacle for the tired ass. I still have it today - the chair I mean - not the tired ass!

  2. Hi YP!! As it turns out, I have the tired arse and no chair. Funny how that works. :)
    And it's funny how the book I found has so many great stories about Dad's and their children and then you have a nice one about your mother that you've remembered and mentioned here. I love how that works.

  3. Oh -- those look good! Love to read them when you are done!

    Vesta - MN

  4. Hi Kelly. I came here via your comment on YP.

    Tis true that parents gave all (without complaint) to provide for their families and that said, their children (showing my age here) were grateful for what they had and really did not long for material things - prezzies (as in new belongings) only on birthdays and Christmas and we found joy in this.

    Do so hope you are less stressed.

    Anna :o]

  5. I know it's a shame what people throw away when it so easily could be given away for a better purpose to someone else.

  6. I think I would love to read these
    will look on amazon... you can buy USED books on there!


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