Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Define "Mandatory"

Here is a small excerpt from someone that hadn't evacuated yet and posted on a blog: 

LONG ISLAND—Just past noon, I went out to take a few pictures expecting to do a before and after. Sandy had other plans, though. The water had already come inland in several places blocking roads and causing evacuations. Trees and telephone poles were down before 2 p.m.. Here are a few of the pictures I took today. The storm still hasn't really hit us here yet. I shudder to think the kind of damage we are about to experience.
Apparently, this picture was taken BEFORE the storm hit Long Island.  And as far as I'm concerned this picture is screaming RUN!!!!
 Let's review a few definitions before I continue so everyone is clear on what mandatory evacuation means and how it may or may not apply to this situation. 


  1. Required by law or rules; compulsory: "wearing helmets is mandatory".
  2. Of or conveying a command: "he did not want the guidelines to be mandatory".


the act or process of evacuating,  or the condition of being evacuated;  discharge or expulsion, as of contents.
Physiology . discharge, as of waste matter through theexcretory passages, especially from the bowels.
something evacuated  or discharged.
the removal of persons or things from an endangered area.
clearance by removal of troops, equipment, etc
Hurricane Sandy is all over the news, with good reason, it's a Super Storm  aka Frankenstorm.   So far, all the dire warnings have come true and millions of people are affected by this devastating storm.
What I don't get is this....Why are people still in their homes after the order to evacuate has been given?  Is it so hard to relocate to some other place out of harms way for 48 hours?  Maybe I'm just being naive but I would think that you should err on the side of caution even if it amounts to nothing considering that it could mean your life and the life of any rescuers could be on the line.  How many brave folks have to risk their lives to save someone that just can't listen?  And if a rescuer perishes because you had to "take a chance"......what are you going to tell his or her family?
For those that had to be rescued due to circumstances that could not be predicted, or you were not under an evacuation order,  I extend my sincere and heartfelt prayers for you and your loved ones. 
To those that can't seem to swallow their pride and get out while the getting is good, I pray for you as well and hope you are safe and out of harms way.  But........I also want to kick you in the keester for endangering others unnecessarily.  Next time, heed the warning, just in case.

I don't want to seem like I am being heartless to the poor victims of this horrific disaster, but I just can't wrap my mind around the idea of NOT evacuating if it means you, loved ones or rescue workers will be endangered. I am glad that we have such dedicated volunteers and rescue workers to help during disasters, and glad for every person that they rescue.  I am also glad for all the folks that make it to safety, no matter how or why you are safe, I'm simply glad that you are ok.

To all the folks that were forced from their homes tonight, I'm grateful that you are well and able to watch another sunrise. 
God Bless.


  1. I am still waiting to hear from the son that loves to be bold that lives in the Hewlett Harbor Inlet that is under water with his wife and one year old twins.....Yup, it is madness and yes, defining the gods of weather as your challenge is pretty stupid....Thoughts of a mother and grandmother not in any way withstanding.

    1. I sure hope you hear from them soon Cynthia! My thoughts are prayers are with all the folks put in harms way.

  2. That very well could be the case Erica.


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