Wednesday, May 02, 2012

One more ewe

I can't say enough good things about the 2 ram lambs I got from Velma this year, she never disappoints me, always gives me top notch lambs no matter what ram I use.  I have to see how these guys mature, but if they look close to how nice they are now, I don't know how I will decide who goes and who stays.  Lambing is bittersweet for me, it means I have to make hard decisions.  But I can certainly put those off for a bit yet.
Velma x Thor ram
divets instead of horns, great structure and very promising fleece.
As Corinne would say, Crimpy Purse too!!!  
Let me introduce you to a few of our new flock members.
Bing Crosby
Challis x Bug ram
being retained for further evaluation
Everything Bing does seems to scream........"Look at me"
I'm almost done lambing.....27 lambs to date, Purebred Shetland count is: 9 ewes and 13 rams. Crossbred lamb count is: 2 ewes and 3 rams.
I purchased Bee Sting late in the fall and while at Lil Country Acres, Juliann exposed Bee to Bug, she leased him for a month after I pulled my rams from their breeding groups.  This puts little Bee about one month later than the rest.  She's round and has an udder, so I'm thinking she won't be too much longer now.

Challis x Bug ewe
Being retained

Last night I sat on the hill and got a good ole dose of cuteness from the lambs, and coincidentally, I had my camera, so here are some of the lambs with a few weeks under their belts.  Let me know when you are sick of looking at lamb pictures, it won't stop me, but you can tell me.  :)
Buddy Holly
Dot x Bug ram
Can't let this guy go yet. 

Catherine x Thor ram (for sale)
Elton John
Salicional x Bug ram
Love this ram.......will consider selling, but reluctantly after evalutation 

John Lennon
Garnet x Bug ram
(retaining for evaluation)

Meadow x Thor ewe
(I have two of these ewes, one is sold)

Axl Rose
Catherine x Thor ram
horned-will be offered for sale after evaluation

Mick Jagger
Hermoine x Thor ram
horned-will be offered for sale after evaluation

Salicional x Bug ewe
Being retained

Ozzy Osborne
Hermoine x Thor ram
for sale after evaluations

Farrah x Camden ewe
Being retained

Ringo Starr
Velma x Thor ram
Being held for evaluation

Bailey x Bug ewe
Love this ewe, but I have several fawn kat so may be for sale

Tina Turner
Dot x Bug ewe
Being retained

Catherine x Thor ewe
Being held for evaluation


  1. Oooh, look at that Shania - and she's AVAILABLE! Somebody tie my hands....

    Hope you get a whole SWARM out of Bee and Bug - hee!

    1. Thanks Michelle...I really am impressed with Shania, she has "IT".

      Bee x Bug babies should get special names, shouldn't they? Your mission: (cue dramatic music) find a singer's name that ties into the bug/bee theme. Should you decide to accept this mission......I will dig up something yummy in my stash to send your direction!!! The gauntlet has been thrown down.

    2. You shouldn't have gotten me started; I have a thing about names!!!

      Mary Chapin Carpenter has a song called "The Bug" on her Come On, Come On album, and both Pearl Jam (could be a cool boy OR girl name!) and Bobbie Gentry recorded songs called "Bugs."

      P.S. I got the mini-sweaters out of Bug's yarn done and will get them in the mail today.

    3. Bee Sting had a ram lamb on Sunday and is being named Pearl Jam!!! I am waiting on some very special stuff back from processing, and you will get a surprise in your mailbox when I receive it. Thank you.

    4. Well shucks, we had good names for more than ONE. Hope he's a stunner, though. And thanks so much; I love surprises! Which reminds me; I need to put all the names in a hat to draw a winner for my May Day prize. :-)

  2. Well, I don't want to wish more rammies on you, but Bob Merrill and Jimmie Rodgers (plus several others, like Marty Robbins) recorded the song "Honeycomb" (an oldie favorite of mine). Lee Ann Womack recorded a song called "The Bees," so there's a girl's name!

  3. I feel like you need to do some play on the phrase "bee in my bonnet" since bees are bugs!

    Also if Shania is for sale let me know!!!

  4. Love that Bing Crosby! Besides him all of them are great!

  5. Haha. I guess Joel was logged into his email when I posted that comment. Whoops.


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