Monday, March 19, 2012

Our Trip to Minnesota

Bright and early on Saturday morning...aka 3 a.m., we drug jumped out of bed to get started on our trip to Ramsay Farms to spend a night with Garrett before we headed to Stoneybrook Maremmas to get our new puppy.  We got to Garrett's place about noon, did a little talking, (ok, ok, for those that truly know G and I, was a lot of talking)  then I changed to barn pants and boots and we spent the rest of the afternoon looking at G's flock.  All his mature girls are VERY pregnant, so we just walked around in the pasture and barn a bit to see them.  I loved seeing all the different "styles" of Shetland sheep he has, and  since he has so many bloodlines represented in his herd, it's a melting pot of Shetland sheep genetics at his place.  One of the things I truly like about doing anything sheep related with Garrett is......he's very honest about his sheep.  In fact, he's his own worst critic when it comes to evaluating his flock, he's simply honest and fair.
He's got some nice ram lambs that he's holding over for evaluation and if anyone is looking for a fine fleece Shetland ram, I think you would be happy with giving Garrett a call to see what he has in his barn.  We spent a nice amount of time catching the young rams and looking them over and I am very pleased to say that there isn't a single one of them that I wouldn't use in my own breeding plan.
Garrett, his sister Linsey, her friend Matt, Mike and I all went out to Zorbaz for supper, it's a really neat place that has a ton of character and great food.
Sunday morning we headed to  Stoneybrook Maremmas to pick up our puppy from Colleen Williams.  Colleen is a very nice lady, has great dog and is a responsible, caring breeder that provides lots of extras with her dogs.  I will be getting my next Maremma from her when the time comes.  After a short visit with Colleen, it was time to hit the road for home.  I feel a bit jet lagged today, but we had a great weekend.
A new arrival (Finn/Shetland cross) Ramsay ewe/lamb

I just like this picture of one of Garrett's ewes in the pasture.  

Garrett's mature rams

"Wide Load"  (one of G's ewes)

Very preggo Ramsay ewes
The reason for our trip to MN......Welcome Bianca. Our new LGD is joining our older male Maremma. 
 (my hubby, Mike, is holding her)
I love her already, she's such a smart little gal and she took the trip to Wisconsin very well.  She comes when I call her and didn't cry too bad when I had to leave her by the sheep when we got home.  She's got her own house and pen right in the sheep lot and fluffy straw, a large stuff lion to sleep with and a few toys to keep her entertained a bit.  Tonight we'll walk the fence and she can visit a bit more than just through the fence.

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Mike and I

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Raised beds & chickens coops

Raised beds & chickens coops
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