Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mushy post of the month......

Today is a good day.  I am constantly reminded that my life is full of people that I love and am inspired by in so many ways.  My dad, my mom, my husband, a very special friend that amazes me with the ability to overcome so much.  (you know who you are)  My son, that writes an unexpected note on his check that he sends to repay me,  and little note makes my day.  So many little things in my life that give me joy, there's not enough room on this blog to list them all.  My faith in God has seen me through so much in my life and continues to be such a big part of who I am.  When things become more than I can bear, I simply hand it over..........(ok, admittedly, I have trouble handing it over) and this peace settles over me.  
Life has tried to knock me down at times, but it's got me to this place in my life and made me who I am today, and I'm a pretty ok person, so I wouldn't change a thing. success!!!!  

Here's to the rest of my "pretty ok" friends and loved ones!!!  Brace yourself, we are going to be successful together.  
Toodles for now. 


  1. And how do I get a copy of our logo to put on MY blog???

    Psst. Don't you just love NOT taking the bait of nasty "fishermen"?

    1. :).......yes, I do love that.
      Logo..Kim is working on one for all of us, I should have waited, but patience is not one of my virtues.


He who angers you, controls you.

And my favorite.......You can't control what others say or do, but you can control your reaction.

Mike and I

Mike and I
Mike and I at Nick and Emily's wedding

Raised beds & chickens coops

Raised beds & chickens coops
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