Monday, December 19, 2011

Sheep in the snow

Here is a few of my girls.  I am pretty pleased with the girls I have this year, slightly more so than last year.  I have retained 8 ewe lambs and have 13 adult girls bred for 2012, 2 of these gals are leased. Bug got the bulk of the girls, Thor got 6 and Camden got 3 gals, one purebred and one crossbred.  (I had 3 ewes that I bred for a new breeder and 3 of my girls were sold as bred too)  I've never had 3 breeding groups, but Camden flew into my radar at the 11th hour and I decided to give him some ladies of his own.  Stay tuned for ram photos.  
Salicional (adult) Bred to Bug for 2012
I simply adore this ewe~she has this smoky blue color to her fleece that I love.

Velma (adult) bred to Thor for 2012
This girl gives me superior lambs, and her fleece is dense and soft. 
Catherine, bred to Thor ~Alexandria(ewe lamb) and Maura~bred to  Thor
Maura and Catherine are new here, so I'm pretty anxious to see their lambs.
I'd like to point out that prior to the fresh snow that is in this picture, mud was everywhere, hence, Catherine is white (ish) instead of the nice white we get to see mid winter.   Alexandria is a ewe lamb, and you can see she's much smaller standing between the two mature gals.

Ceylon (adult)~bred to Bug  and Alabama (ewe lamb)
Ceylon gave me 2 superior rams this year, so it was a no brainer to repeat the breeding with Bug.

Leased from Lori: Challis (love this gal) ~bred to Bug
This exceptional ewe just HAD to be bred to my best ram. 

Disco (ewe lamb)

Disco, Seneca,  Alexandria (all ewe lambs) and Maura (adult)

Garnet (adult) Bred to Bug for 2012
Garnet lost a beautiful yuglet lamb this spring to hypothermia, so she is bred back to Bug for 2012

more ladies in the snow...mixed bag of ages here.  Far right is Dot, she's bred to Thor for 2012
Dot has some interesting bloodlines that I'm trying to utilize.

That which angers us, controls us.


  1. Jenny HoldenDecember 19, 2011

    Some lovely looking girls :-)

  2. Very kind of you Jenny.....thank you.


He who angers you, controls you.

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Raised beds & chickens coops
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