Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some newbie sheep

I am a hopeless case......I got to move 2 rams to new homes a few weeks ago and transported them to WSWF to deliver them to their new owners.  I took 8 sheep to Jefferson, 7 were in the show, 1 went home with Kim Nickoli of Kimberwood Farm and one went home with Garrett Ramsay of Ramsay Farms.  I, on the other hand, can't simply be happy with finding my sheep good homes, I have to bring even more sheep home than I took with me to the show!!!  
Here are 2 of the girls that I brought home with me.....both are ewe lambs.  I also leased an older ewe and purchased/traded for another 4 yr old ewe.  I'll talk more about them when I get their pictures.  

I bought my first little girl the second she hit the sales list from Juliann Budde of Lil Country Acres, she's out of her ram, Saturday Night, so as a nod to John Travolta, she is now Lil County Disco!  Juliann is kind enough to let me name the sheep I purchase from her.  Thanks Jules.
Killian's face.....Salina in the background. 
My other ewe lamb was a trade with ram Cadillac for his gray kat ewe lamb.  His naming theme this year is beer names, so she is named Killian.  
Lil Country Disco 

White Pine Killian

R to L: Killian, Disco and Salina (Salcional's 2011 ewe lamb)
They are currently penned up in an attempt to settle them down, and so far, we are making progress.  Disco will not quite take grain from my hand yet, but she will stand 12" from me and eat from a bucket and the other two will eat right out of my hand now. 

OK Acres Salina (Salicional and Forrest 2011 ewe lamb)


Ok, ok, so she's not NEW, but I got some shots of her (finally) and since I'm really happy with her, I just had to include her in this post.  And.........she is in the same pen with the the other two girls.  Her brother is so calm and friendly, but she has been skittish since the day she was born and I'm trying to get her to settle down.  She has the richest, deepest gray under those sun bleached tips and the crimp is starting to really come on this little girl.  Can't wait to shear off that fleece and get it spun up to see how the yarn looks.   
Salina is the first gul/kat I've ever gotten, so I really like her.  Gray kats are my favs, but I have to be careful, I don't need 20 of them!!!  
I will not be breeding ewe lambs, so I have to wait to see what I get from her.  Sigh.......


  1. Congrats on your new additions! And I love the face on!

  2. Thanks....I keep getting sucked in by her face too!

  3. So you bought the black and white ewe from Juliann. Congrats. She is so pretty.

  4. I like Killian's face and ear set. :-)

  5. Very nice sheep, and very like the ones that you would find in the UK :o)

  6. Thank you ladies......I am hoping to see little clones of these girls when they are bred next year.


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