Tuesday, September 20, 2011

MSSBA Show results

2011 MSSBA Annual Show ~ Results
Youth Showmanship
1st Clayton Mahlkuch ~ AlabamaYoung Handler Award
2ndElexis Eisenhower ~ Leon
3rd Clara Snow ~ Sommarang Ivy
4th Gavin Snow ~ Sommarang Isaac
5th Tori Gygi ~ S'more Samba
Senior Ram
1st  Lori Stephenson ~ FirthofFifth Avyt
2ndJuliann Budde ~ Windy Acres Hickory
3rd Andy Fulks ~ Boston Lake Jchen
4th Corinne Rasso ~ Sommarang Gilroy
5th Garrett Ramsay ~ WhitePine Levi
Yearling Ram
1st Meghan Namaste ~ Wintertime Grasshopper
2ndLori Stephenson ~ Sommarang Hackett
3rd Garrett Ramsay ~ WhitePine Flo Rida
4th Tori Gygi ~ UnderTheSon Gunpowder
5th Andrew Tobey ~ Tobeys Sampson
Ram Lamb
1st Theresa Gygi ~ UnderTheSon Velour
2ndTori Gygi ~ UnderTheSon Tarlatan
3rd Theresa Gygi ~ Dungaree Dungaree
4th Garrett Ramsay ~ WhitePine Miro
5th Lori Stephenson ~ Sommarang Innis
6th Lori Stephenson ~ Sommarang Ian
Pair of Ram Lambs
1st Tori Gygi ~ UnderTheSon Tarlatan, UnderTheSon Cendal
2ndLori Stephenson ~ Sommarang Ian, Sommarang Innis
3rd Garrett Ramsay ~ Nesse's Monster Mash & Nastro Azuro
4th Kelly K Bartels ~  OK Acres Cadillac and OK Acres Sawyer
5th Maegan Snow and family ~ Sommarang Isaac, Sommarang Ivar
Champion Ram:   Firth of Fifth Avyt, Owner- Lori Stephenson
Reserve Champion Ram:  Under the Son Velour, Owner- Theresa Gygi
Senior Ewe
1st Kelly K Bartels ~ SheltrgPines Salicional
2ndKaren Valley ~ Winter Sky Marrakech
3rd Theresa Gygi & Tori Gygi ~ UnderTheSon Tralee
4th Maegan Snow and family ~ Sommarang Elise
5th Lori Stephenson ~ Sommarang Farrah
Yearling Ewe
1st Theresa Gygi ~ UndertheSon White Lilac
2ndTori Gygi  ~ S'More Samba
3rd Theresa Gygi ~ UnderTheSon Assam
4th Garrett Ramsay ~ WhitePine Nivea
5th Andy Fulks ~ WhitePine Regina Spektor
Ewe Lamb
1st Andy Fulks ~ Fulks Family Sophia
2ndMeghan Namaste ~ Wintertime Vanity Fair 
3rd Corinne Rasso ~ Crosswinds Athena
4th Kelly K Bartels ~ OK Acres Vienna
5th Theresa Gygi & Tori Gygi ~ UnderTheSon Sateen
6th Kim Nikolai ~ Kimberwood Magic
Pair of Ewe Lambs
1st Lori Stephenson ~ Idelle,Irene
2ndMaegan Snow and family ~ Isla, Ingrid
3rd Kelly K Bartels ~ OK Acres Vienna and OK Acres Seneca
4th Garrett Ramsay~White Pines Saigons Special and WP Saku
5th Penny Becker~Tia and Kahlua
Champion Ewe:  SheltrgPines Salicional, Owner Kelly K Bartels
Reserve Champion Ewe:  Winter Sky Marrakech , Owner Karen Valley
Dam & Daughter
1stKaren Valley ~ Mandalay,Marrakech
Best Small Flock
1stKelly K Bartels ~ OK Acres Cadillac, ewe-OK Acres Vienna, ewe-Sheltering Pines Salicional
Best Fleece on Hoof
1st Karen Valley ~ Winter Sky Mandalay 
2ndMeghan Namaste ~ Wintertime Vanity Fair 
3rd Theresa Gygi & Tori Gygi ~ Velour
4th Lori Stephenson ~ Sommarang Irene
Supreme Champion SheltrgPines Salicional   Owner Kelly Bartels 
Supreme Res Champion Firth of Fifth Avyt  Owner Lori Stephenson
I know there are a few missing sheep names, so if you read this and can fill in the blanks, please let me know so I can get the correct names for each sheep that placed.  

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  1. OK Miro wasn't shown it was Nesse's Monster Mash. The other ram lamb I had shown in pairs was Nastro Azuro.

    Pr of ewe lambs was WhitePine Saigon's Special and WhitePine Saku, the MSSBA webpage will have to be updated as well. :) it was AWESOME!!

  2. I think Penny Becker's are Tia and Kaluah.
    My Athena is Crosswinds Athena...not to be picky LOL.

  3. Any idea how to get the results from the fleece show?


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